Saturday, November 8, 2008

20sb Compliment Week

There are so many blogs you love! And there are so many bloggers who love your blog! So let's tell them.

Over the next week, you can submit compliments on other 20sb members. You can submit through your own name or anonymously.

Then, starting November 16th, I'll start posting the compliments here on this blog!

So go submit some compliments (as many as you like!) and then start checking in back here to see if anybody complimented you, or as a chance to discover new blogs that are complimented!

(Click here to be taken to the compliment submission page)

(Some have said that link is broken. If you cannot use surveymonkey, please submit here)


Renee said...

I can't see the compliment submission page. It takes me to a Survey Monkey home page. Do I need to sign up for the site?

lfar said...

Renee, that is strange. Even when not signed in, it takes me to the submission form. When you click the link, what URL do you go to?

(we can take this trouble shooting to email- lfarblog at gmail dot com)

Tipp said...

Hey Lisa,

Same trouble as Renee for me! LOVE this idea though!

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

It seems to be working now!

Renee said...

Yup, it definitely works now. Thanks!

Sara said...

that's a great idea!!

Michael Litman said...

If only I could compliment myself ;)