Thursday, November 20, 2008

Compliment Week- Thursday Part 1

Angela, I will always admire your sheer honesty. Your introspection and open heart keeps me reading and I sincerely hope your grad school friends don't keep you from being who you are on your blog.

Jenn's wit is beyond belief. She possesses an innate ability to make me laugh through my nose as loudly as possible, making me sound like a snorting pig. And truthfully? I'm okay with this. She's sincerely a sweet person, means the absolute best and is ONE OF A KIND.

Alexa keeps her personal blog consistently interesting and hilarious! She does a great job giving her readers a peak into her life!

Free and Flawed: What an awesome person Jenn is. She writes about a huge variety of things, always in an interesting and informative way. A must read.

Susie: Simply, she's awesome and feels like a very close friend.

Hoppster's posts always make me laugh out loud.

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