Thursday, November 20, 2008

Compliment Week- Thursday Part 3

Brandy: THANK YOU for all your replies to my comments. And the email you sent? Brought me to tears. Your kindness is unprecedented and your snarkiness so so welcome. I wish we lived closer because I would invite you over for all of Barack's future speeches to drink wine and fawn over his changiness.

Kat: I love Kat's outspoken nature, well thought out logic and completely candid manner in relaying her thoughts.

Joanna: This blog is brilliant!! I love all the polls. Way to give your readers something fun to read but also a way to be interactive and participate. Too hilarious. Keep up the great work!

Deutlich: You are the sassiest blogger I know. You're also the jelly to my peanut butter at 20sb. I have endless appreciation for you. Also, your blog is top notch.

Amy is such a genuine person. She always leaves the most thoughtful comments.


Deutlich said...

Lisa!! That just made me smile so hard my face hurts.

I thank you.


JD said...

Yeti! Thank you so much! I seriously do read your blog everyday as well. LOVESIT. It makes me laughoutloud in my office everday.