Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blog Carnival 8: Job and Career

Heather from Toughgirl 101
So When Are You Going To Finish That Book?

There's a book I want to write. It exists only in outlines and little snippets in my head. Writing it has been a dream of mine since I first learned to appreciate the English language.

Ginger from Ramble Ramble
I Guess I'm the GrownUp Now

It's sometimes a shock to my system that I'm the grownup now. I mean, seriously? But then things happen that sort of drive home the point

The Almost Right Word
I Will Wait No More

Last night was the culmination of my "career" as your friendly neighborhood server.
I will no longer dress in a white, button-down, collared shirt and tie. I will no longer polish silverware. I will no longer ask if ice water or bottled is preferred. I will no longer watch as everyone around me sips their wonderful red wine or sangria.


Anonymous said...

What an honor! Thank you!!

Ginger said...

Wow, thanks for the recognition... I'm in some great company!