Monday, June 29, 2009

Update from over at the new blog

Hey everyone! We've got some posts up over at TwentyTwenty, and still don't have the feed moved effectively. We apologize for the time's a convoluted story that involves Lisa, our founder at 20SB, having limited internet in Kenya (surprising, no!).

Want To Plan A Blogger Meetup?

20SB Chicago Meetup!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogger Carnival: Looking Back

Head over to TwentyTwenty, our new 20SB megablog, for the newest installment of Blogger Carnival. There's free ice cream involved, so you better hurry!

Also, until we fix our Feedburner account, we'll be double posting over here. Our intent is to pull the original feed into the new blog, but we have a few hitches in that process. Thanks for your understanding!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

20SB Gets Pretty

We've redesigned 20SB!

And we have a new blog!

We'll be attempting to burn the new feed into this feed, so stay tuned. We're pretty sure it's not working yet.

Check out the new sites!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Featured Blogger: LiLu

Our most recent Featured Blogger is LiLu, from Live It, Love It. She was nominated by her blogger peers! Go check out her blog immediately!

As a reminder, Featured Blogger is a community award given to bloggers by their blogger buddies and fans on 20SB. Head here to nominate, until we set up a new and improved submission/voting process.

Congrats to LiLu!!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Name This Blog!

So I need to call in some help on this one… We’ve been frantically busy building 20SB v.2 in the past couple of weeks and one of the new things that you’ll see on the new site, is that we’ll be splitting our current blog into two niche purposes.

The blog will continue to function as our main blog, and will remain a communication with current and potential members. This means that we’ll feature 20SB-related news. In addition, we will be adding content to the blog that relates to topics of interest to the people who use our network.

So if I had to define the scope of the 'new' blog, I’d include the following topics:

20SB News / Events / Announcements

Personal Blogging

Twenty-Somethings & their Digital Influence

Twenty-Something Issues

Community Building

Blog & Social Media Tips, Advice, Resources

I want to make it clear that we're not launching another "How To Blog" or "How to Make Money Online" content blog. I also want to point out that we're going to use it to give you guys another outlet as guest bloggers and editors.

One focus of 20SB has always been Personal Blogging...blogging without an ulterior motive. It seems all the Social Media and Blogging Blogs out their are trying to help you become a professional blogger. We're not going to go down that road...we want to promote personal blogging, and help/encourage new bloggers with a useful resource.

That resource is you guys.

So we are looking for a new name for the blog and would love your input. The name needs to be relevant to the 20SB brand, as the blog will reside on a subdomain of this network and prioritize the community as its audience. Keep that in mind!

Please head over here to give us your input!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Milestone! 6,000 Bloggers!!

20SB welcomed it's 6000th member today! We gave away a Flickr Pro subscription to Miss A, who writes a very funny and snarky blog rife with photos, so we hope she'll enjoy the gift.

On to 7000!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

20-Somethings Get Wet!

You’re a twenty-something blogger. That makes you a trendsetter. No, seriously…you’re a trendsetter. Maybe you didn’t realize that, but it takes guts to put your thoughts and experiences in front of your readers, day in and day out, and your readers respect you for it. When we created 20 Something Bloggers, we wanted you to have a place to find people like you. What she didn’t realize at the time was that our community would become so much more than just a meeting place.

This year will be a big year for 20SB. We are hard at work behind the scenes to upgrade our network and to turn our burgeoning community into the best place for twenty-something bloggers to get together. You know what really makes 20SB awesome, though? It’s the incredible stuff you guys are doing all over the world.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with HandsIn, the world’s first fully interactive twenty-something’s charitable community founded by 20SB Featured Blogger Nicole Antoinette, to take our first collective action to create real change.

Starting today, we’re pledging to raise $5,000 for charity: water - the cost of building a clean water well in a developing country. Did you know that 1.1 billion people on the planet don't have access to safe, clean drinking water? That's one in six of us. Imagine if a thousand 20SBers didn’t have clean water.

Can you even imagine what your life would be like without clean water? Water is such an integral part of our lifestyle, from showering to laundry, washing dishes to brewing coffee, brushing our teeth to just having a glass of water when we’re thirsty - and there are over a billion people in the world who can’t do those things.

This is where charity: water comes in. charity: water is a 501(c)3 organization with private funding, and they use 100% of donated money for water projects around the world. They’ve harnessed the power of the internet to show donors exactly what their money is creating. Twelve months after we’ve reached our goal, we'll receive GPS coordinates and photographs of the completed water project we funded. Think about that; twenty-somethings will have changed a third world community forever. And donating is just a click away!

Here’s the thing: we don’t want you to break the bank. We want lots of you to donate a little. We want you to show the strength of your numbers; if 1000 of us skip a latte or dessert just once, and throw $5 towards the cause, we will have made a statement. Twenty-somethings care and we’re willing to prove it.

There’s more! The fantastic people at Brita (responsible for the FilterForGood campaign to reduce bottled water consumption) are sponsoring a prize giveaway for donors! So get wet with us by donating whatever you can to our charity: water fundraiser, and then head over to HandsIn be entered to win a Brita pitcher and 2 reusable water bottles!

For more information (and tips on how to get others involved), check out our fundraising resource page. Make sure to grab a badge after donating, and then help us spread the word! Again, the goal here is lots of little donations!

Let’s do this! Let’s build a world-changing twenty-something fresh water well and bring clean, safe water to an entire town in need! Read rest of these entry>>>

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

20SB Management Team

Outward Bound Training Camp For Children In Xian

Want to get involved with 20SB?

20SB is looking for some awesome members to help us manage the network and all of its various activities! We have worked up to this point as a very, very small team. Our intent is to make our community the number one destination for digitally-savvy twenty-somethings.

With our recent burst in growth, and the sheer amount of fun and exciting activities on the network, we'd like to build out a team and we'd like you to express interest if you have it!

Rather than be overly repetitive, please head to the network forum to check out what roles we'd like filled, and all the pertinent information.

Thanks in advance!
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Featured Blogger Interview: Katelin

Lisa: This is an interview with Katelin of

Hey Katelin

Katelin: Heyo

Lisa: You've been a member of 20sb for a really long time, right?

How does it feel to finally join the hallowed ranks of Featured Blogger?

Katelin: Haha, yeah I think I was in the 200s group

It feels pretty awesome actually, not going to lie, I wrote a whole post about it,

Lisa: Link us to the post!


Ta da!

Lisa: nice, thanks

For how long have you been blogging?

Katelin: It'll be two years May 9th

Lisa: happy early anniversary!

What made you start blogging?

Katelin: Well my friends and I had started one but that fell apart, then I had to read them all day for my job so I figured I could start one and see where it went

Now I don't know what I'd do without it

Lisa: Oh, I hear that big time

I know you just got engaged, and you love celeb news, but what are some other big topics that you blog about? and how would you describe your average reader?

Katelin: Well celebrities are the most constant topic since every Tuesday is dedicated to Hollywood news, and the engagement is so new I don't know how much I'll talk about wedding planning, but I also talk about my every day life, past college stories, share random stories I find online. It's all a pretty good mix of random, haha.As for my average reader, I'd say it's people that don't mind reading Hollywood gossip, enjoy random factoids, and are as easily amused as I am

Lisa: Do you use twitter and/or tumblr?

Katelin: I am most definitely a twitterer, I even got lucky, since I joined over a year ago that my name is my twitter account, makes it easy:

Lisa: Oh lucky, hardly anybody gets their actual name

Katelin: Haha yeah and I don't know too many Katelin's spelled my way either

Lisa: Where do you live, where did you go to school?

Katelin: I live in good ole Pasadena, California, and for anyone that doesn't know where that is, just think Rose Bowl. As for college I went nowhere near California and trotted off to Denison University in Granville, OH, definitely a change from So Cal life

Lisa: Why'd you move back?

Katelin: Well I am truly a California girl at heart, I just wanted a change for college, I always knew I'd come back

Lisa: What has one of your most popular posts been?

Katelin: Haha that's funny you ask because my most popular one was from Monday, when I told everyone I got engaged over the weekend. Definitely the most comments I have ever gotten on a post that wasn't a contest

Lisa: Tell us your engagement story!

Katelin: Well I've been with Matt (the fiancee, man that word still makes me giggle) for almost 3 years, but I've known him 9 so I kind of knew we'd get engaged one day I just didn't know when.

But Friday he said he had the best birthday present ever (since my birthday was Saturday), and he was right, he surprised me and flew in my best friend from North Carolina, then we came back to our apartment for a surprise dinner, and after dinner he took me outside for "one more present"

And he told me to close my eyes, and when I opened them he was in front of me on one knee with a ring

Lisa: hooray!

Is there anything else you think the 20sb crowd reading this interview might want to know?

Katelin: Ummm, I met Joshua Jackson last Thursday and that was pretty amazing, since I'm a huge fan, and I can't do a cart wheel, and I don't like strawberries. All relevant stuff of course

Lisa: Very relevant

I don't like strawberries that much either, so we're basically twins

Katelin: What are your thoughts on zuchinni? Because if you don't like that either, then we are definitely twins

Lisa: sorry, I love it in spaghetti sauce or stir fry only.

I guess not twins, just close cousins or something

Katelin: That works too

Lisa: Perfect!

Well, thanks for the interview and have fun planning your wedding!

Katelin: Haha thanks I'm sort of secretly but not at all secretly excited :)

Lisa: I love secret-not-secrets!

well, I'll talk to you later then! Bye

Katelin: Byeee!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chat on 20SB!

Hey 20SBers!

Today we launched the Chat Feature in the 20SB network, so drop by to check it out! It's been a bit buggy, but our admin team is working hard to make sure it's up and running.

For the time being, any trouble should be forwarded to @lfar or @dshanahan on Twitter (DM would work best), or you can email Admin.20SB(at)

The chat features has been a hit already, just on it's first day!

Come say hi!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Worst Post Ever Contest: Meet your judges!

Maxie has a picture of Nick Carter taped on the ceiling above her bed so he is the first thing she sees when she wakes up. Her biggest dream is to go on Bret Michaels next show which she hopes will be Rock of Love - Trailer Park. She always agrees with Paula on American Idol and greatly admires her fashion sense. She videotapes herself as she'styping her blog posts so she can study her "form" because she believes blogging is the next great Olympic sport. She plans on one day opening a subscription site where her fans can watch her blog (aka train for the 2018 Olympics--after all, blogging is a winter sport. duh). Will you subscribe?

hates puppies, but enjoys agonizing over stupid things she did in the past. She reads and sometimes replies to spam! Even the Nigerian prince ones! Lisa drives slowly in the fast lane and starts conversations in elevators. Lisa is a crying baby on an airplane. She says lol unironically, and wants to know if you've seen that really funny "Evolution of Dance" video on youtube. Have you?

Deutlich loves Crocs. She wears them every day. She thinks dating sites are dangerous, and prints out websites because she hasn't figured out web history or bookmarking. Deutlich goes on power walks wearing a swishy jogging suit and a fanny pack. Deutlich IS a fanny pack. She uses comic sans on her blog, and wants to know if you'll add her as a friend on ICQ or Friendster. Will you?

Muppet loves furry boots and mini-skirts because there is weather that calls for that. She also hearts Edward Cullen, and cherishes her large collection of animated gif images of him. She is currently on Atkins, and would be happy to walk you through her day to day progress and meal breakdowns. SHE ALSO LOVES CAPS (SO MUCH MORE EXPRESSIVE) and her beautiful yellow-on-white blog. Please pass this bio to 20 people otherwise 20 people you know and love will drop dead. You will, won't you? Read rest of these entry>>>

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Worst Post Ever Contest

Don't forget! Your submissions to the Worst Post Ever contest are due today! Read rest of these entry>>>

Friday, April 10, 2009

Worst Post Ever Contest


It's time for the worst post ever contest!

Rules: write the worst post ever! Create a post no longer than 600 words about any topic you wish (except nothing hateful or illegal or offensive, even though that would definitely be the worst post ever). Pictures are allowed. Just the worst post ever, you know?

To submit: email worstpostever subject: 20SB Worst Post Ever. If you're including pictures, you must also send an html file of your post and all pictures must be self hosted. Also include a link to your 20sb profile, please!

Judging: the panel will be myself and 2 or 4 other judges. (Email me if you're interested in judging). We'll narrow it down to the worst (best?) 3, and then we'll post those 3 right here on the blog for everybody to vote on.

Deadline: all posts must be submitted by April 18th.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The current featured blogger is Katelin from Gorgeous Footsteps in the Sand.

About: I'm a crazy curly haired Southern California girl who wears flip flops all the time and eats ice cream when it's raining. I can't do a cart wheel and aspire to attend the Academy Awards. I laugh at bad jokes and write about celebrities. My favorite color is yellow and I occasionally dance at my desk. Need to know any more? Just ask. Or read my blog. :)

(Past Winners)
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Featured Blogger: Laurie

Lisa: Hey!
Laurie: Hey, Lisa!
Lisa: I am catching up on reading your blog right now.
Lisa: Because I'm crazy behind in my reading.
Lisa: I am SO INTO IT.
Lisa: Okay, what do you want to talk about in the interview?
Laurie: haha
Laurie: Is that the first interview question?
Lisa: Yep.


Lisa: Well. This interview seems about wrapped up then.
Laurie: I've already failed.
Laurie: Laurie: Most boring interviewee in the history of 20SB.
Lisa: Don't worry. I'll edit to make us both sound funny and interesting.

Laurie: So you're missing the 20SB meet-up!
Laurie: I learned via Twitter.
Lisa: Yes! I'm very disappointed.
Laurie: But for Kenya-- that sounds like a good trade.
Laurie: I'm just going to interview you now.
Laurie: Tell me about your childhood.
Lisa: Okay, this is so much easier!
Lisa: Are you going to the meetup?
Laurie: I haven't decided!
Laurie: I live a bus ride away from Chicago.
Lisa: Oh man, you should totally go.
Laurie: I know!
Laurie: I'm a bit nervous!
Laurie: What if I'm not as cool and funny in real life?
Laurie: I said that to some of my friends recently and they were like "... yeah."
Laurie: "Maybe you shouldn't."
Laurie: At first I thought the meet-up was a CONFERENCE.
Laurie: Like BlogHer.
Laurie: And I got really excited about that.
Lisa: No, its more of a party, really.
Laurie: Right.
Laurie: I don't really do parties.
Lisa: Let's talk about your party life.
Lisa: Biggest party mistake ever was:
Laurie: Omg.
Lisa: I think mine is "skipping all parties to study"
Lisa: and also "continually avoiding the person I have a crush on".
Laurie: YES.
Laurie: I once threw a party specifically to invite my crush
Laurie: and by the end of the night he was sitting on my bed with my best friend.
Laurie: FML
Lisa: Next question.
Lisa: You started blogging the day after you ____
Laurie: I started blogging right after September 11th actually.
Lisa: 2001?
Laurie: Yeah.
Laurie: It hit me really hard and I think I had this really strong desire to reach out.
Laurie: I mean, I think we all did.
Lisa: How has your blogging style changed since then?
Laurie: It's changed a lot.
Laurie: I started out writing a lot of angsty poetry
Laurie: and talking about what I ate for lunch.
Laurie: It was more of an outlet for me.
Laurie: I don't think of my blog that way anymore, although it still is in some ways.
Laurie: It can be therapeutic for me, but that's not what drives me to write anymore.
Lisa: How long do you think you could go without blogging?
Lisa: Could you cold turkey quit?
Laurie: I went for awhile without blogging actually.
Laurie: When I was between blogs.
Lisa: "Between blogs" haha. That's a funny phrase. WE'RE ON THE INTERNET.
Laurie: hahaha
Lisa: What brought you back?
Laurie: I felt really out of touch with myself when I wasn't writing.
Laurie: I'm not one of those people who can write just for myself
Laurie: like sit at home and fill up spiral-bound notebooks that I never show anyone.
Laurie: So I just wasn't writing at all during that time.
Lisa: And then you forget to take that time to reflect, sort of.
Laurie: Right!
Lisa: Have you ever met up with bloggers IRL?
Laurie: I guess I did recently-- my New Year's Eve story was about a blogger hook-up!
Laurie: But I'm not telling who it was.
Lisa: Secrets!
Lisa: Is your blog a secret to family/friends?
Laurie: Not really.
Laurie: I mean, I don't really broadcast it at family reunions or anything.
Laurie: But I wouldn't say it's a secret.
Laurie: Most of my real life friends read it.
Lisa: Yeah, same.
Laurie: I'm amazed by anonymous bloggers.
Laurie: I don't know how they do it.
Laurie: It would make me a crazy person.
Lisa: I was at a party a few weeks ago and so many people were like "I read your blog!" which was funny. Because they don't comment? I didn't know they all read.
Laurie: Yeah isn't that wild??
Laurie: Every once in awhile an old friend from, like, middle school or something will send me a facebook message and be like, "I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. I read it every day."
Laurie: And I'm like, "What?!"
Laurie: I mean, it's awesome.
Laurie: But it's kind of crazy.
Lisa: Exactly!
Laurie: I actually had a really funny experience a month or so ago--
Laurie: I wrote a piece for Design*Sponge awhile back about my city, so a lot of people here read my blog.
Laurie: Anyway I was sitting in a coffee shop, and a woman I'd never met saw me through the window and came inside to tell me that she recognized me from my blog!
Laurie: It was amazing.
Laurie: Now we're facebook friends!
Lisa: The best!
Lisa: Whats the blog you most recently added to your reader?
Laurie: I'm really into this new blog.
Laurie: It's written by two women who call themselves Harper & Beatrix.
Laurie: It reminds me of an American Bridget Jones' Diary.
Lisa: Cool! Sounds interesting.
Laurie: They're very smart and funny.
Lisa: I like both those adjectives!
Lisa: Say you had to describe yourself in three adjectives. What would they be?
Laurie: Oh man.
Laurie: I'm always awful at these ice-breaker questions.
Laurie: Like "If you could be any animal, what would you be?"
Laurie: I freeze up.
Laurie: I'm like, "... a penguin?"
Lisa: Oh yeah.
Lisa: Next up we'll play "Do Date Dump".
Lisa: Or "Who Would You Do".
Lisa: "Desert Island"
Laurie: hahaha
Laurie: "Would You Rather"
Lisa: This interview is going to turn into a slumber party.
Laurie: Let's just not go the "Truth or Dare" route.
Laurie: That was usually the point when I called my mom to pick me up.
Lisa: haha
Laurie: Well, Lisa!
Laurie: I better get back to this scintillating stack of work orders I'm supposed to enter.
Laurie: I lead a very glamorous life.
Lisa: Thanks for the interview!
Laurie: Thanks for the good questions!
Laurie: And for letting me off the hook on "Would You Rather".
Laurie: Talk to you soon!
Lisa: Yeah! Bye!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Carnival Round Up

This month we went Green for Blog Carnival 13! We simply asked, "are you jealous? Irish? or environmentally conscious? Maybe you're rolling in greenbacks... or you played the Wicked Witch in your high school play. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, tell us why It's (Not) Easy Being Green."

 Here are some of the top submissions:

Sco Man with A Tribute

It was only recently that I started a discussion with my mother about my ancestry. I forget how the topic came up, but being that I'm 25 now it's probably a conversation we should have had a long time ago. Read the rest here.

Jessica tells us how It's Not Easy Being Green 

Last September, I wrote about some simple things everyone can do to live a more “green” life — that is, one that is more eco-friendly and eco-healthy — like buying organic produce, using public transportation and paying attention to energy consumption. Read the rest here.

The Freshest Oat shows her Green Disposition

They call my leaves blades, but I've never cut you. I've always been here for you. I love the feeling of your bare feet and the sound of children at play. Bring back the sun so that I can absorb the essential red light that keeps me alive - for I am living too. Deprive me of sun and water and like all other plants, I will shrivel and turn brown - an ugly representation of my dead self.  Read the rest here.

Phase:Next also thinks it's Not Easy Being Green

Being Irish in these United States is a life-long competition, and unless you're willing to put your all into your competition, you may as well drop out and turn in your pot of gold and pint of Guinness at the birth canal.  Read the rest here.

Sarahbration also wonders If It's Easy Being Green

Growing up I was one of two kids who brought their lunch to school in reusable containers and depending on the meal, a cloth napkin, and stainless steel cutlery. I'm not sure what elementary school is like now in that regard but at the time it was so unusual that I received an environmental award.  Read the rest here
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Monday, March 30, 2009

What we're listening to this week (March 23-29)

(Stats from the 20sb group)

Top Tracks

Kings of Leon- Sex on Fire

The Postal Service- The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Lily Allen- 22

Jimi Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Facebook page

20SB now has a facebook page!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

20SB Member Creations

20SB is excited to announce the launch of HandsIn, an organization created to inspire 20-somethings to change their world.  Part social network, part online magazine, and part volunteer coordination service, HandsIn aims to bring people together through dedicated community service and the shared commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.  The organization was founded by 20SB member Nicole Antoinette, who's tired of the stereotype of 20-something apathy and out to prove that small actions can have big results. 

In honor of the big launch, they're giving away a two part, $200 prize.  The first $100 goes to the winner (as a $100 gift card to the retailer of choice), and the second $100 gets donated directly to a chosen charity.  To enter, simply get active on the site between now and midnight (PST) on Friday, March 27.  Everything you do counts as one entry, so comment on a post, set up a profile, make a pledge for 20 Something Service Day, nominate someone who deserves recognition, submit content for publication, follow @handsin on Twitter, tweet about the organization, join the Facebook group- it all counts! 

Visit now to join the 20-Something Change Movement!  Read rest of these entry>>>

Blog Swap 4!

For more details, and to register, go here! Read rest of these entry>>>

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

20SB NCAA March Madness Pool


Get in on the excitement of this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Compete against other fans as you fill out a bracket and earn points for every correct pick! Come out on top and you could win $10,000. Get a group together and earn plenty of bragging rights amongst your friends by winning it all. Best of all, it's free to play and win.

Get in the action now:

Group: 20 Something Bloggers!
Password: 20SB

We're playing FOR FREE and for BRAGGING RIGHTS.

Go join!
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Carnival Theme

[photo courtesy morbcn]

Jealous? Irish? Environmentally conscious? Maybe you're rolling in greenbacks... or you played the Wicked Witch in your high school play. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, tell us why It's (Not) Easy Being Green.

Submit your story to the Blog Carnival by emailing the URL of your post and the URL of your 20SB page to

Deadline is March 31st! Look for winners the first week of April on the 20sb Blog!

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February Blog Carnival

Your mission for the February Blog Carnival, if you chose to accept it, was to write a love letter or a break-up letter. The letter could be addressed to anyone or anything-- and from anyone or anything-- past, present, or future.

We had so many great entries this month! Enjoy...


I'm On My Way
You're fleeting and intense, with a flair for the dramatic - but I'm so thankful for you. You've touched my life in so many different forms over the years, which is more than some people ever experience. I don't know why you've chosen to come to me time and time again, but I'm thankful for the joy, heartache, and lessons you bring...

The Rest is Still Unwritten
This is meant to be a love letter, but I’m thinking that if you ever read this, it may lead to you replying with a breakup letter. It does feel really weird writing to you, especially considering you do not yet exist...

Just Tabitha
I hate to say this to you in a detached, impersonal manner such as an open letter on my public blog, but we need to break up. You've been weighing me down for too long, and I'm sick of it... no matter how many times I've moaned and griped and complained about how completely unkind, annoying and unwelcome you are, you still hang onto me like an inflatable pool toy that got stuck around Augustus Gloop's pudgy belly...

Living Life
I'll never forget the first moment I laid eyes on you. Your big blue eyes, your gorgeous hair, and eventually your infectious laughter and smile would further capture me. I was honored to be chosen as your godmother...

[Mis]Adventures of Elle Bee
It feels like I’m constantly telling you how much I love you, so much so the words are lacking. It seems you’ve heard it all before and there simply is nothing I can say that will demonstrate that this is truly a monumental amount of love...

Blah Blah Blah
I hate you so much. You seduced me with your adorable apron into that hot room of sin just to watch me fail. I should've recognized your type. The type that dangles delicious photographs of meals you know I'd love to eat just to watch me slave away until I burn myself...

Smell the Glove
Were the sky to open and the heavens to rain down a hundred thousand sparkling drops of thanks, it would not even begin to express the love and gratitude I hold for you and only you. Of course, I had to put up with the Andys, the Georges... even a few Elizabeths now and again. But none of them came close to you or the way you made me feel...


Don't forget to submit your March Blog Carnival entries by March 31st. Include a link to your post and a link to your 20sb profile!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Featured Blogger: Laurie

The current featured blogger is Laurie from Your Ill-fitting Overcoat

She's been blogging for 3 years and since the start of her blog, she's

+ moved across the country to a city where I didn't know a single soul
+ took a cross-country road trip with a stranger
+ quit my job and spent two months backpacking around Europe by myself
+ moved to New York
+ started law school at one of the Top 5 law schools in the country
+ quit law school and moved back across the country to start a freelance writing career
+ gone on lots of dates, good and bad
+ learned a ridiculous amount about the world, and about myself

You've got a lot of catching up to do!

(Past Winners)
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vlog Day 2 Tomorrow

Don't forget!

Details here.

And then post your links to your videos in the forum tomorrow!
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Vlog Day 2 Topic Announced

Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Create and post a video (no longer than 5 minutes) with your response to the following:

Show us what you love.

It can be people, a person, a recipe, a location, a band, a piece of art, anything you love!

Post the video on your blog on the 18th. There will be a new forum thread (at 20sb) on that day for you to post a link to your entry. Then on Thursday we'll round up all the participants and link to them on the 20SB blog.

When you upload your video, tag it with "20sb".
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Carnival Theme

In honor of Valentine's Day, write a love letter or a break-up letter. The letter can be addressed to anyone or anything-- and from anyone or anything-- past, present, or future.

Submit your story to the Blog Carnival by emailing the URL to your post and the URL to your 20sb page to tipptalk[at]gmail[dot]com.

Deadline is February 28th! Look for winners March 2 right here!
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Monday, February 2, 2009

January Blog Carnival

Marissa Kristal
I sent him a valentine every year and signed each from his "Secret Admirer." I joined the soccer team, even though I was terrified of the ball, because that was his favorite sport. I sent him an invitation to my Bat-Mitzvah and waited every day by the mailbox until his response finally came checked YES. And we were friends, sure, but he'd never given any indication he wanted anything more. He was a boy, an immature boy. And sometimes he teased me, and other times he pulled my hair. On our sixth grade camping trip he played a prank on me with my arch-nemesis, bachelorette rival. I cried and and cried for days. This meant he didn't want me, he wanted her. And I didn't care so much that she'd won, what killed me was that I lost. I lost him. Read the rest here.

Diamond KT
Sometimes a first kiss lives up to your expectations and sometimes it's even better than you expected! Perhaps you don't see rockets and fireworks going off like Bobby Brady, but a good first kiss will leave you feeling a bit woozy. You heart pounds harder. Your palms may start to perspire. You will feel a small flutter in your stomach...and if you're lucky, a tickle in your pants as well. The best kisses leave you speechless after, and breathless during. And then there are fist kisses that leave you with an incredibly creeped out feeling like you just madeout with your own sister! Those are NOT good first kisses. That relationship is doomed before it has even begun. You can be friends with that girl, but do not date her. Trust me. It will not last. Read the rest here.

Sex on the Beach
First kisses. Everyone's had one. Some might have been everything you imagined it would be. Some rather embarrassing. Others, totally unbearable. For me, I never realized how much I'd actually learn from my first kisses. Looking back on it, it makes sense that those lessons would be both about friendship and love. Read the rest here.

A Jumbled Journey
There was a guy, as there so often is.  He was sexy and smooth.   (and a complete sleazeball as I later learned, but hey.   I'm not telling that story today.)  He would walk me to class, and help me "study" for finals, which mainly consisted of him lying in my lap and distracting me madly, guaranteeing that instead of recalling which country pissed off the others the most during the Middle Ages, I would sit in class and doodle with a goofy smile. Read the rest here.

[Mis]Adventures of a Small Town Girl
He was a friend to everyone and didn't have a malicious bone in his body. He was a flirt. As we became good friends, working together and hanging out, the crush part stayed in the background, though the feelings that I had for him (and those that he had for me) were never acted upon. We were never available at the same time, such a dramatic and tragic tale in the world of highschool. Read the rest of the entry here.

Miel Et Cannelle
So certain was I that he was going to kiss me, and so certain was I that the garlic tzatziki making competitions held in my kitchen that I dutifully ate the products of  was going to put him off me and girls forever.. That I began to eat Cepacol lozenges. The medicated ones. The medicated ones that if you are an 11 year old girl waiting to be kissed are the only things in the house that you could use as a breath mint. The medicated ones that make you smell like an alcoholic grandfather. The medicated ones that if you eat enough, completely and utterly destroy your taste buds and leave you unable to taste anything for a week. Read the rest of the entry here.

Princess Pointful
He, being the more experienced one and having kissed a girl before, declares that we should kiss again for longer. We again do the count down, and hold our mouths together for a count of six. Read the rest here.

Confessions of a Jersey Girl
At the end of the day, he followed me to the bus and told me the plan.  the 3 M's.  movies, makeout and mcdonalds.  and he wanted me to know that if my mom didn't want to drive, his mom would. GREAT. as is the standard in eighth grade, my mom picked him up and took us both to the movies.  we were going to see city of angels, which had just come out… and it was PG-13!  man were we ever living.  i remember flipping out the whole time.  (see? i was a total headcase, even at 13.) we got our popcorn and took our rightful seats in the last row of the theater. Read the rest here.

No Ordinary Rollercoaster
In ninth grade, I had a girlfriend. I'll wait for you to stop laughing..............
Yes. A girlfriend. She was cute, blonde, funny, edgy and quick-witted - everything I was looking for in a friend who was a girl. And as it turned out, I was everything she was looking for in a boyfriend. Note the subtle difference. Read ther rest here.
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Meet Your Admin: Maxie

Name: Maxie
Blog Url:

Where are you from: West Virginia (also known as the better Virginia)
Age: 23
Blogging since: October 2007

Favourite Movie: Wedding Crashers
Single best part of that movie: Every scene between Todd Cleary and
Jeremy Grey... "we had a moment at the dinner table"

When you were a kid, what movie star did you have a crush on:
Mark-Paul Gossellaar. Yes, the one and only Zach from Saved By the
Bell. For the record, the crush is still alive and well. Mario Lopez
is in a close second.

The last time you took an airplane: In 6th Grade-- I participated in
the National Pre-Teen America Scholarship Pagaent and it was held in
Arizona. If anyone would like to see some "fancy pageant walking" I
would be glad to show you.

Favourite book: The Washingtonienne-- it's Chick Lit with a dash of smut.

Favourite class in high school: Genetics-- it made me want to be a
doctor, but then I found out that requires something known as
"studying" and I crossed that idea off the list.

Fictional character you most resemble: Monica Lewinsky. I know she's
not fictional, but she's kind of my idol.

Favourite beverage: non-alcoholic- Diet Coke with Splenda. alcoholic:
whiskey sour with jack daniels or zombie

Most delicious meal you can cook: Chicken Madeira-- I found the recipe
online, but first had the meal at The Cheesecake Factory and it's my
favorite to eat and cook.

What do you wear to bed: Usually the exact same thing I wore to work--
jeans and all. I'm super lazy.

Favourite scent: Gardenia

Favourite breakfast cereal: Frosted Flakes!

 Favorite TV theme song: It's a tie between Flava of Love and Facts of Life

Favorite TV Show: The Office. I'm in love with all of the characters
and I like to think my office is almost as interesting.

Pets: I have FOUR! cats and a dog.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Available 20sb job: Carnival Co-editor

Hey 20sb!

Because we are the best community out there, everything we do is growing! For the past few months we have been holding a monthly Blog Carnival with a specific topic. Due to the overwhelming responses we have been getting, we are in need of someone to help handle the submission and editing process. 

If you would be interested in joining the Carnival team as a co-editor email  lfarblog at gmail dot com and tell us why you would be a the perfect choice!
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Featured Blogger Interview: Nicole Antoinette

Lisa: Hey Nicole

 (Readers, I would like to note that Nicole just said that starting an interview is like having sex for the first time with a new person, I feel like that is an accurate metaphor)


Nicole: Well, I mean it's pretty awkward right? "Hi baby, I'm ready. Better get it started before I change my mind." Although, I don't know why I'd call you baby...


Lisa:... I think I've changed my mind, and this interview is a bad idea. Are we drunk?  I'm drunk, are you drunk?  I'm going to blog about this tomorrow. I'll call you "N"


Nicole: Ha, look at that, I'll be like my very own Gossip Girl character.  And no, I'm not drunk, although we should switch this to video chat, I'll put away my tea and we'll take some shots to really get the interview party started.


Lisa: Okay first question: if you were on Gossip Girl, who would you punch first?


Nicole: I'm going to say Rufus, although I feel bad because he's such a nice guy and all. But I mean c'mon. STOP GIVING SERENA AND DAN REASONS NOT TO BE TOGETHER.


Lisa: I say Rufus because he is a terrible father, and then Jenny because get a new hair cut. I punch people when they have bad hair cuts. All the time.


Next question: what was your worst ever hair cut?


Nicole: Worst hair cut? ::shivers:: Summer before third grade, my mom thought it would be "smashing" (we lived in London at the time and she used to use insane words like smashing) to get me a really really really short haircut. Because it was "chic" (also her word). Little did she know that when you're that young, and there isn't too much to differentiate you from little boys your age, long hair is a NECESSITY.


Lisa:I hear that, I hear that hard.  I spent fourth grade bearing frightening resemblance to Maria from the Sound of Music


Nicole: Although it wasn't all bad, because she caved and let me get my ears pierced. So people would stop telling me I was in the wrong restroom.


Lisa: Ha, nice.  Next question: After watching Sound of Music, did you want to be a nun?


Nicole:  I couldn't hack it as a nun. Too much clothing makes me anxious. Hence the move to Southern California and the life of total sin.


Lisa:You're naked right now?  Again?


Nicole: Damn it, I thought you said no video chat!

Lisa: I make rules because I enjoy breaking them.  Nicole, tell the world what your blog is about.


Nicole: My blog? it's about me. Because I'm a big, vapid, (naked) narcissist.  To clarify: it's a personal blog. About life and its daily shenanigans.


Lisa: What percentage of people polled would answer "love it!" to the question "How do you feel about Nicole's blog?"


Nicole: All of the people in the universe, if they ever want me to bake them cupcakes. And, for the official record, I'm a pretty damn good baker. Like Izzy on Grey's Anatomy, only without the dead guy sex and the blond hair.


Lisa: I'm glad you pointed out the differences, because she's kind of crazy.


Nicole: And while I'm kind of crazy, it's the good crazy. Pinky swear.


Lisa: I love pinky swears!   Last question: have you ever broken a pinky swear?


Nicole: You know, I don't think I've ever made a real one. Wanna make one now? I (pinky swear) I won't break it!


Lisa: Yes!  Do you pinky swear you will come to the meetup?


Nicole: Damn it! Do you pinky swear you'll move it to the weekend before? You know the situation I'm in! The meet up is taking place during the first week of my summer camp! Lisaaaaaa!


Lisa: Okay FINE, new pinky swear.  Do you pinky swear will you go on 10 20sb blogs you've never read and leave them a heartfelt (and I mean HEARTFELT) comment linking them to this interview?  But Nicole: HEART. FELT.


Nicole: You are so full of PRESSURE!  Yes, I pinky swear that I will go on 10 new 20SB blogs and link them to this interview. If I can figure out how to link in a comment.


Lisa: Okay.  Done.


Nicole: But wait!  Isn't that ego mania? Linking to MY OWN interview for Featured Blogger? I already talk incessantly about myself on my own blog, haha, I don't know that the internet can handle anymore of it!


Lisa: Okay, leave a heart felt comment, that’s all.  Deal?   Pinky swear?


Nicole: Perfect. Pinky swear!


Lisa: Perfect.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bootleg Award Winners

Blog with the best title:
This? Is Not the Life I Ordered!

Best Design
Kyla Bea

Best Group Blog
Umm... Now what?

Most Distinct Voice
your wishcake.

Most Diverse Subject Matter
It's like I'm... mmmagic!

Best Up and Coming (started in 2008)
cleveland's a plum

Least Likely to click Mark-As-Read
It's Like I'm... mmmagic!

Blogger you'd most like to get a beer with
i hate so much...

Best Commentor (TIE!)
surviving myself
No Ordinary Rollercoaster

Funniest Blog
surviving myself

Most Sincere
your wishcake.

Most Interesting
No Ordinary Rollercoaster

Most Encouraging/Inspirational
Chelsea Talks Smack

Best Guest Blogger
Oh! How Lovely!

Most Opinionated
Speak On It

Best Blog about Relationships/Sex
Starting Over at 24

Best Blog about Career/Occupation
Working Girl

Best Blog about Shopping
Oh! How Lovely! Shops

Best Blog about Travel
transient travels

Best Blog Written by a Parent
I'm a mom in real life

Best Blog Written by a Student
Free and Flawed

Newbie Award (somebody who turned 20 in 2008)
Classy in Philadelphia

Last Chance Award (somebody who turned 29 in 2008)
surviving myself

Best 20SB User Profile

Best Cross Platform Experience
Oh! How Lovely! (twitter) Read rest of these entry>>>

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Featured Blogger: Nicole Antoinette

The current featured blogger is Nicole Antoinette from More is Better!

People who like it straight up will love her blog.

(Past Winners)
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Meet Your Admin: Deutlich

Name: Deutlich
Blog Url:

Where are you from: Virginia
Age: 26
Blogging since: 1999, although back then it was a LiveJournal

Favourite Movie: Uhm.. I am horrible at picking favorite movies. HORRIBLE. My brain is blank.
Single best part of that movie: Uhm.. that one? haha

Where did/do you go to school: Virginia Tech
Studying: Majored in Marketing Management

Top three favourite bands: Ooh - LOVE this question. 1) Radiohead 2) Jason Mraz 3) Dave Matthews Band. Honorary Mention: The Backstreet Boys. I just can't let go. Apparently.

Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of the movie of your life: 1: 2+2=5 by Radiohead ( 2: Song for a Friend by Jason Mraz ( 3: #41 by Dave Matthews Band (

Instruments played: I used to play violin, have tinkered on the piano and tried (and failed) taking guitar lessons. When I make enough $$ to have spending cash, I plan on buying myself a guitar and teaching myself how to play.

When you were a kid, what movie star did you have a crush on: Does Jonathan Taylor Thomas count? Is that his name? I think that's his name... Oh! And Patrick Swayze. Dirty Dancing was my JAM.

The last time you took an airplane: Just 3 weeks ago! To St. Louis, MO for work. I was lucky enough to see nothing but the inside of my hotel and the airport.. and the bus that took me from one to the other. Oh, the joy.

Favourite book: HARRY POTTER. 

Favourite class in high school: Math. I took Geometry & Algebra II in the same year, one class right after the other, and aced both. 

Fictional character you most resemble: Oooh, good question. Hmm.. I'm not sure there's a fictional character enough like me to compare. Odd.

Favourite beverage: Coffee. Cuz yes.

Most delicious meal you can cook: Breakfast omelets with home fries. 

What do you wear to bed: Really it depends, but the less the better. I hate sweating at night.

Favourite scent: fresh cut grass, Spring, lake water, the mountains.. etc.

Favourite breakfast cereal: Fruity Pebbles, even though I steer clear because they're so bad for me.

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January Carnival Theme

Blog Carnival time again!
We are starting off the New Year thinking all about "firsts."

So, tell us about your first kiss! Sloppy, magical, awkward, non-existent? Spill it!
How do you enter?!

Write a post on your blog and email the URL link to your post and the URL link to your 20sb profile page to

The best submissions will be featured and linked to right here on the 20sb Blog on February 1.
Deadline to enter your submissions is January 31. Read rest of these entry>>>

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bootleg Award Finalists Announced!

Tomorrow you can vote for one finalist for each category (check back for a link to a new poll soon!)

Congrats to all finalists!

Blog with Best Title
This? Is Not the Life I Ordered!
Your Ill-fitting Overcoat
Perks of Being a JAP
cleveland's a plum
...and hijinks ensued.

Best Design
Free and Flawed
No Ordinary Rollercoaster
Oh! How Lovely!
i hate so much...
Kyla Bea

Best Group Blog
who's your dachshund
Umm... Now what?
Five Blondes

Most Diverse Subject Matter
Speak On It
It's like I'm... mmmagic!
Kyla Bea
surviving myself
Writing to Reach You

Most Distinct Voice
your wishcake.
No Ordinary Rollercoaster
Speak On It
surviving myself
The Rest Is Still Unwritten
It's like I'm... mmmagic!
strange musings of a distracted spunk
...and hijinks ensued
Hope dies last
I'm a mom in real life
Mega. Done. Discuss

Best Up and Coming (started in 2008)
Kyla Bea
who's your dachshund
Alice in Average-Land
Classy in Philadelphia
Shirt or Dress?
cleveland's a plum
The Spotted Ottoman

Least Likely to click Mark-As-Read
Starting Over at 24
No Ordinary Rollercoaster
It's Like I'm... mmmagic!
More is Better.
Surviving Myself

Blogger you'd most like to get a beer with
Starting Over at 24
i hate so much...
No Ordinary Rollercoaster
A View From 5280Ft
Your Beard is Good
Baking With Plath

Best Commentor
surviving myself
...and hijinks ensued
No Ordinary Rollercoaster
Starting Over at 24

Funniest Blog
surviving myself
The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy
LFar Blog
No Ordinary Rollercoaster
It's Like I'm... mmmagic!
White-Collar Redneck
i hate so much.
Your Beard Is Good

Most Sincere
Turquoise Ribbons
your wishcake.
strange musings of a distracted spunk
...and hijinks ensued
Half Deserted Streets
Your Ill-fitting Overcoat

Most Interesting
Clever Girl Goes Blog
Cusp of Normal
No Ordinary Rollercoaster
It's Like I'm... mmmagic!
Speak On It

Most Encouraging/Inspirational
Du Wax Loolu
A Beautiful Day in the Reneeborhood
Chelsea Talks Smack
Kyla Bea

Best Guest Blogger
Mega. Done. Discuss.
surviving myself
Oh! How Lovely!
Free and Flawed
No Ordinary Rollercoaster

Most Opinionated
It's Like I'm... mmmagic!
Speak On It
surviving myself
A Beautiful Day in the Reneeborhood

Best Blog about Relationships/Sex
Confessions of a Jersey Girl
Starting Over at 24
Turquoise Ribbons
The Mean Girls' Guide to Glory
Long Red Cape

Best Blog about Career/Occupation
Working Girl
Stylish Handwriting
(no other blogs received more than 1 vote... and if I included everybody who got one vote it would be a 50 way tie)

Best Blog about Shopping
Oh! How Lovely! Shops
(no other blog received more than 1 vote... so we have a winner!)

Best Blog about Travel
transient travels
(no other blog received more than 1 vote... so we have a winner!)

Best Blog Written by a Parent
I'm a mom in real life
(no other blog received more than 1 vote, other than dooce who doesn't count... so we have a winner!)

Best Blog Written by a Student
Free and Flawed
Classy in Philadelphia
All Things Phil
LFar Blog

Newbie Award (somebody who turned 20 in 2008)
Classy in Philadelphia
Only Slightly Neurotic
The Resident Artist

Last Chance Award (somebody who turned 29 in 2008)
The Everyday Adventures of Me in the City
surviving myself
My Everyday Soap (Opera!)

Best 20SB User Profile

Best Cross Platform Experience (Dear Nominees- please private message me links to your twitter and/or tumblr)
Gretch-a-sketch (twitter.tumblr)
LFar Blog (twitter. tumblr)
No Ordinary Rollercoaster (twitter)
Oh! How Lovely! (twitter)

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