Sunday, September 21, 2008

Carnival Edition 6: One Sentence

Blog Carnival Six theme was One Sentence Story where each participant told their story in one sentence. 

Here are the winning entries!

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Contests, Awards, Admin Positions

First and foremost, I'm really super sorry about the delay in the header contest. We've decided on the top 8, and the polls should be open this weekend or sometime coming up soon. I promise!

Second: the 20sb awards! Originally we had decided we'd have them every 8 months (a compromise between once and twice a year) which would mean that the 2nd award round would be this Sept/Oct. (It's a two month process, remember from last time?). If we want to have the awards in Sept, that's cool! The next steps (deciding on categories and the voting process) would start immediately and the winner would be announced by Halloween. OR, do we want to make it an annual thing and have the awards in January like last year.

Jan or Sept? Vote in the comments or feel free to email me an input! (lfarblog at

Third: This place is growing like mad. Spreading like a virus... a good virus. However, admin is having trouble keeping up with all the membership applications! So we're looking for more people to add to the admin team to help approve new members. Got some time on your hands? Let me know!

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Featured Blogger: Jessica

The current featured blogger is Jessica (Everyday Adventures)!

I'm a twenty-something young professional in the Windy City. I started assisting on social media projects and work, which inspired me to start my own blog about my life in Chicago. Topics range from local to national issues that I find interesting and of course my favorite and movies.

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