Thursday, August 7, 2008

Carnival Edition 5: Summer Time

Legally Heidi
You think of summer as a time of relaxation. Remembering back to being kids and lazing around pools, staying up until the wee hours giggling with friends and playing basketball late at night in the driveway under the flood lights. Summers were easy, fun and carefree. Sleeping till noon, going days without a shower, the permanent smell of chlorine in your hair and on your skin…that was summer back in the day.
Stylish Handwriting
One summer afternoon when my little sister was taking a nap, my mother and I were making chocolate chip cookie dough. I couldn't have been any older than five. From the kitchen, we observed an afternoon shower pop up out of nowhere.
Summertime. It's often a favorite time of the year for many people. Numerous songs are written about it, especially here in the country music capital of the world. Tunes by Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw always come to mind. We break out the cute sundresses and flip flops and awesome toe nail colors. There are books to be read while sitting by the beach or the pool. We find more happy hours to attend with friends.
Everyday Adventures In the City
Unfortunately, I'm writing today because you're killing my soul. I know, that might have been harsh but seriously, you are. It's summer and Sunday you really dropped the ball when I went for my walk and was enjoying my Bobtail outside with Chicago magazine. I was only out for like, two hours at the most, and you burn like a little b*tch? What's up with that?
I really miss being a kid and it's not just for the lack of grownup responsibilities. I miss the family vacations. Ok, I guess it is somewhat the lack of grownup responsibilities because I miss the carefree aspect of family vacations, and a carefree attitude on vacation results from not having to pay for the hotel room or meals out or gas or a plane ticket.

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