Monday, February 2, 2009

January Blog Carnival

Marissa Kristal
I sent him a valentine every year and signed each from his "Secret Admirer." I joined the soccer team, even though I was terrified of the ball, because that was his favorite sport. I sent him an invitation to my Bat-Mitzvah and waited every day by the mailbox until his response finally came checked YES. And we were friends, sure, but he'd never given any indication he wanted anything more. He was a boy, an immature boy. And sometimes he teased me, and other times he pulled my hair. On our sixth grade camping trip he played a prank on me with my arch-nemesis, bachelorette rival. I cried and and cried for days. This meant he didn't want me, he wanted her. And I didn't care so much that she'd won, what killed me was that I lost. I lost him. Read the rest here.

Diamond KT
Sometimes a first kiss lives up to your expectations and sometimes it's even better than you expected! Perhaps you don't see rockets and fireworks going off like Bobby Brady, but a good first kiss will leave you feeling a bit woozy. You heart pounds harder. Your palms may start to perspire. You will feel a small flutter in your stomach...and if you're lucky, a tickle in your pants as well. The best kisses leave you speechless after, and breathless during. And then there are fist kisses that leave you with an incredibly creeped out feeling like you just madeout with your own sister! Those are NOT good first kisses. That relationship is doomed before it has even begun. You can be friends with that girl, but do not date her. Trust me. It will not last. Read the rest here.

Sex on the Beach
First kisses. Everyone's had one. Some might have been everything you imagined it would be. Some rather embarrassing. Others, totally unbearable. For me, I never realized how much I'd actually learn from my first kisses. Looking back on it, it makes sense that those lessons would be both about friendship and love. Read the rest here.

A Jumbled Journey
There was a guy, as there so often is.  He was sexy and smooth.   (and a complete sleazeball as I later learned, but hey.   I'm not telling that story today.)  He would walk me to class, and help me "study" for finals, which mainly consisted of him lying in my lap and distracting me madly, guaranteeing that instead of recalling which country pissed off the others the most during the Middle Ages, I would sit in class and doodle with a goofy smile. Read the rest here.

[Mis]Adventures of a Small Town Girl
He was a friend to everyone and didn't have a malicious bone in his body. He was a flirt. As we became good friends, working together and hanging out, the crush part stayed in the background, though the feelings that I had for him (and those that he had for me) were never acted upon. We were never available at the same time, such a dramatic and tragic tale in the world of highschool. Read the rest of the entry here.

Miel Et Cannelle
So certain was I that he was going to kiss me, and so certain was I that the garlic tzatziki making competitions held in my kitchen that I dutifully ate the products of  was going to put him off me and girls forever.. That I began to eat Cepacol lozenges. The medicated ones. The medicated ones that if you are an 11 year old girl waiting to be kissed are the only things in the house that you could use as a breath mint. The medicated ones that make you smell like an alcoholic grandfather. The medicated ones that if you eat enough, completely and utterly destroy your taste buds and leave you unable to taste anything for a week. Read the rest of the entry here.

Princess Pointful
He, being the more experienced one and having kissed a girl before, declares that we should kiss again for longer. We again do the count down, and hold our mouths together for a count of six. Read the rest here.

Confessions of a Jersey Girl
At the end of the day, he followed me to the bus and told me the plan.  the 3 M's.  movies, makeout and mcdonalds.  and he wanted me to know that if my mom didn't want to drive, his mom would. GREAT. as is the standard in eighth grade, my mom picked him up and took us both to the movies.  we were going to see city of angels, which had just come out… and it was PG-13!  man were we ever living.  i remember flipping out the whole time.  (see? i was a total headcase, even at 13.) we got our popcorn and took our rightful seats in the last row of the theater. Read the rest here.

No Ordinary Rollercoaster
In ninth grade, I had a girlfriend. I'll wait for you to stop laughing..............
Yes. A girlfriend. She was cute, blonde, funny, edgy and quick-witted - everything I was looking for in a friend who was a girl. And as it turned out, I was everything she was looking for in a boyfriend. Note the subtle difference. Read ther rest here.


Ben said...

Oh first kiss post has attracted far more attention than it probably should have. Thank you for doing your part in making me look like a slutty, traveling drunk.

The Printed Blog is also to blame for this.


I'm clapping for Marissa. She's an amazing writer and I’m so happy to see her at the top of the list - well deserved.

And a hardy pat on the back for everyone else who made the list. (My dog has volunteered to pat me.)

Tipp said...

Congrats guys!

This was one of THE hardest carnivals to choose. Everyone submitted such funny or heartfelt posts.

Props to EVERYONE who submitted!

Happy reading!

rachel elizabeth said...

ben's was definitely the best ever! this was such a fun topic to write about. i'm so honored to be up there!! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree! Thanks for putting mine up as well; I'm honored. And mildly embarrassed. :)

Ben said...

Thanks Rachel! I loved all of them :)

Elle Bee said...

Thanks for the hard work of everyone who had to read through all of the entries and choose!

Going to read the ones I haven't read yet, starting NOW!

Anonymous said...

Oh... *blush*.. Wow! Thank you guys! Who know such awkward moments would have their..rewards...ish! *smile*

Marissa said...

I love reading all of these! What a fun topic! I agree with everyone else...I feel truly honored to be up there, and have my first kiss story posted with all these amazing tales.

Blogger said...

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