Monday, March 30, 2009

What we're listening to this week (March 23-29)

(Stats from the 20sb group)

Top Tracks

Kings of Leon- Sex on Fire

The Postal Service- The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Lily Allen- 22

Jimi Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Facebook page

20SB now has a facebook page!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

20SB Member Creations

20SB is excited to announce the launch of HandsIn, an organization created to inspire 20-somethings to change their world.  Part social network, part online magazine, and part volunteer coordination service, HandsIn aims to bring people together through dedicated community service and the shared commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.  The organization was founded by 20SB member Nicole Antoinette, who's tired of the stereotype of 20-something apathy and out to prove that small actions can have big results. 

In honor of the big launch, they're giving away a two part, $200 prize.  The first $100 goes to the winner (as a $100 gift card to the retailer of choice), and the second $100 gets donated directly to a chosen charity.  To enter, simply get active on the site between now and midnight (PST) on Friday, March 27.  Everything you do counts as one entry, so comment on a post, set up a profile, make a pledge for 20 Something Service Day, nominate someone who deserves recognition, submit content for publication, follow @handsin on Twitter, tweet about the organization, join the Facebook group- it all counts! 

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Blog Swap 4!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

20SB NCAA March Madness Pool


Get in on the excitement of this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Compete against other fans as you fill out a bracket and earn points for every correct pick! Come out on top and you could win $10,000. Get a group together and earn plenty of bragging rights amongst your friends by winning it all. Best of all, it's free to play and win.

Get in the action now:

Group: 20 Something Bloggers!
Password: 20SB

We're playing FOR FREE and for BRAGGING RIGHTS.

Go join!
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Carnival Theme

[photo courtesy morbcn]

Jealous? Irish? Environmentally conscious? Maybe you're rolling in greenbacks... or you played the Wicked Witch in your high school play. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, tell us why It's (Not) Easy Being Green.

Submit your story to the Blog Carnival by emailing the URL of your post and the URL of your 20SB page to

Deadline is March 31st! Look for winners the first week of April on the 20sb Blog!

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February Blog Carnival

Your mission for the February Blog Carnival, if you chose to accept it, was to write a love letter or a break-up letter. The letter could be addressed to anyone or anything-- and from anyone or anything-- past, present, or future.

We had so many great entries this month! Enjoy...


I'm On My Way
You're fleeting and intense, with a flair for the dramatic - but I'm so thankful for you. You've touched my life in so many different forms over the years, which is more than some people ever experience. I don't know why you've chosen to come to me time and time again, but I'm thankful for the joy, heartache, and lessons you bring...

The Rest is Still Unwritten
This is meant to be a love letter, but I’m thinking that if you ever read this, it may lead to you replying with a breakup letter. It does feel really weird writing to you, especially considering you do not yet exist...

Just Tabitha
I hate to say this to you in a detached, impersonal manner such as an open letter on my public blog, but we need to break up. You've been weighing me down for too long, and I'm sick of it... no matter how many times I've moaned and griped and complained about how completely unkind, annoying and unwelcome you are, you still hang onto me like an inflatable pool toy that got stuck around Augustus Gloop's pudgy belly...

Living Life
I'll never forget the first moment I laid eyes on you. Your big blue eyes, your gorgeous hair, and eventually your infectious laughter and smile would further capture me. I was honored to be chosen as your godmother...

[Mis]Adventures of Elle Bee
It feels like I’m constantly telling you how much I love you, so much so the words are lacking. It seems you’ve heard it all before and there simply is nothing I can say that will demonstrate that this is truly a monumental amount of love...

Blah Blah Blah
I hate you so much. You seduced me with your adorable apron into that hot room of sin just to watch me fail. I should've recognized your type. The type that dangles delicious photographs of meals you know I'd love to eat just to watch me slave away until I burn myself...

Smell the Glove
Were the sky to open and the heavens to rain down a hundred thousand sparkling drops of thanks, it would not even begin to express the love and gratitude I hold for you and only you. Of course, I had to put up with the Andys, the Georges... even a few Elizabeths now and again. But none of them came close to you or the way you made me feel...


Don't forget to submit your March Blog Carnival entries by March 31st. Include a link to your post and a link to your 20sb profile!
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