Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost finalized award categories

What do you think? Give your feedback in the forums.

Most diverse subject matter
Most distinct voice
Best Up-and-Coming Blog
Least likely to get "marked as read"
Best Title
Best Design
Best Group Blog

Blogger I'd most like to have a beer with
Best commenter
Most Sincere
Most Interesting
Most Encouraging/Inspirational
Best Guest Blogger

Relationships blog
Occupation/Career blog
Traveling blog
Shopping blog
Parenting Blog
Student Life Blog

Newbie award (turned 20 in 2008)
Last chance award (29 in 2008)
Best 20sb user photo
Best cross-platform experience (blog+ twitter/tumblr/, etc)


Angela said...

I'm always in support of a "Best Long-Form" category. Also "Most Likeable" and "Best Writing" would be good.

Anonymous said...

Yup, these are all really good. I agree that a "best writing" would be interesting, but other than that I think we have it covered. I'm excited to participate in my first ever blogger awards!!