Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Compliment Week- Wednesday Part 2

Jolyne: Great blog!

Distracted Spunk: She's honest, she's funny, she's real, and she's a damn good writer.

Ben: Everyone in the blogosphere loves Ben. It's not secret that's he's adorable and funny, but he also has a writing style that really lets you feel like you're his friend IRL. Wait... was that kind of creepy? I love you, Ben!

Cindy: You, my friend, are hilare and smart and beautiful, and you do it all while tackling law school and multiple short people. And you don't even judge me for busting my ass in a public place!

Deutlich: You're real and you're passionate. I wish we lived closer so we could discuss politics and race and gender and religion and all of those taboo topics nice young ladies shouldn't discuss.

Brainy Jane: She's smart, compassionate and relays it well through her writing. I dig it. A lot.


Deutlich said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww.. thank you Renee!!! I'm blushing!

Deutlich said...

ps: I wish we lived closer too.. seeeriously.

Ben said...

Um...hi 20SB and friends. How do you be so nice to me? I'm not sure.