Friday, November 21, 2008

Compliment Week- Friday Part 2

Lauren: I feel like I've known Lauren forever, though we are still kind of new bloggy buddies. Her writing continually blows me away with its vividness and honesty. She is a true gem of 20SB.

Blogging Barbie: You know I *heart* the shit out of you. Your posts crack me the eff up. I think the first one of yours I read was about you getting a speeding ticket and I'm pretty sure I almost had Diet Coke coming out of my nose. Come to GA? Plzthkxbai.

Deutlich: I have so much respect for Deutlich, i think she's a fabulous writer and she's real. She writes from the heart on various subjects and is always one of the first blogs I read when I see she's updated.

Princess Pointful: Seriously one of the sweetest bloggers I've come across and I absolutely adore her writing, even if I'm a lazy git sometimes and forget to comment.

Brandy: Your blog is one of the first I fell in love with when I started reading over a year ago. You're always one of the first I click to and you ALWAYS make me smile. You seem like you'd be fun to have a couple (or seven) glasses of wine with while discussing the effortless sexiness of Jim Halpert among other IMPORTANT topics of our generation.

1 comment:

Deutlich said...

Ashley - you are too sweet.. and I may be misty eyed, even if I dont' want to admit it. What's w/my hormones and inability to stop the tears!? argh

long story short - thank you ;)