Thursday, November 20, 2008

Compliment Week- Thursday Part 4

Part 4? Yes! I have so many more to go! You guys sure like complimenting each other.

Jenn blogging since late last 2007 has been beter and better and better. Her writing has found its voice in a major way uncommon to a vast majority of the people self-publishing. I'm actually jealous of HOW much better she keeps getting in such short periods of time.

Nuka's posts are always so thoughtful and thought-provoking.

Ashley: Love you! You are beautiful and an amazing person! Way to be a world changer!

Joanna runs one of the most original and funny blogs out there. Not only do the pictures she posts actually make me wonder "shirt or dress", but her commentary is so funny that I want to pee pants while reading!

Nicole's is one of the first blogs I ever really got into. I was always intrigued by her writing style and sheer openness.. and a year later? I'm still reading every single word she writes.

Andy: I always enjoy your witty comments!

Mandy: I love Mandy's complete down to earth feel of her blog. Reading her is like tubing down a lazy river with a nice glass of wine.

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JD said...

Thank you Maxie! Although, I have to say, while I make fun of people (and I feel kinda mean), I have a lot of respect for the bloggers who are super honest and put their life out there on their blogspace. Super cool. And something I don't even really do on my "personal" blog.