Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday Compliments

Late again! I'm sorry.

Matt: When people wonder where there aren't many man-bloggers, I immediately direct them to Matt's blog. He's wickedly funny but can just as easily pull off a serious, introspective post. He can completely flip his tone without losing his readers and his life experiences and how he has managed them is inspiring.

Renee is a woman that cares about what happens in the world and wants to have a hand in shaping it.. The level of respect I have for her is huge!

Maxie: I had the pleasure of meeting Maxie this summer and she is a million times more fun than her blog. Also, my week would not be complete without Would You Rather Wednesdays!
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December Blog Carnival

We decided to list all participants in this December carnival!

The topics were:

- A wishlist of things you want that are free
- A wishlist of 5 items, one for each sense (that's an item for sight, one for smell, etc)
- A wishlist of things you would sneak under the tree for yourself, age 13

Here are the participants:

Five Senses


Wishlist of Things That are Free

Wishlist of Things at Age 13

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday Compliments (one day late)

Kyla is insightful, patient and caring even for virtual strangers. I'm still one of her newer readers but just in the past six weeks, she has taught me a hell of a lot and has opened my eyes by email when I needed someone to do exactly that.

Maxie is a level of awesome that I can't explain. She makes me laugh in so many different ways.

Jamie: You're the first bloggy friend I met who made me feel comfortable enough to be me. You're a wonderful blogger and a fantastic friend.
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Meet Your Admin

Name:  D
Blog Url:

Where are you from:  Chicago
Age:  28
Blogging since:  2002

Favourite Movie:  Usual Suspects
Single best part of that movie:  The moment you figure it out.  I watched it again immediately.  Also: "Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze. " Great line.

Where did/do you go to school: Stanford
Studying:  Soccer :)

Top three favourite bands: The Roots, Ani DiFranco, Bob Marley

Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of the movie of your life:
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity  Gov't Mule - Soulshine (I could only find the reggae version, but everyone should know this song) Franti & Spearhead - Sometimes

Instruments played:  Piano

When you were a kid, what movie star did you have a crush on:  Elizabeth Shoe

The last time you took an airplane:  I've been to New York twice in the last four weeks.  I hate airplanes.

Favourite book:  I think Fight Club or Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas were the most fun to read.

Favourite class in high school:  Math - NERD!

Fictional character you most resemble: He's not fictional, but mu buddies think I look just like Steve Nash.

Favourite beverage:  Coffee or Scotch.

Most delicious meal you can cook:  I make a mean pasta sauce from scratch. 

What do you wear to bed:  Pajama Pants.

Favourite scent: A Macallan Single Malt takes a DISTANT second to a woman's scent.

Favourite breakfast cereal:  Oatmeal.

When do you usually write blog posts: Usually late morning, around 10am.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

20sb Bootleg award nominations

Now open! Click here to submit your nominations.

Once you start you have to finish, so here is a reminder of all the categories:

Best Title
Best Design
Best Group Blog
Most diverse subject matter
Most distinct voice
Best Up-and-Coming Blog (blog started in 2008)
Least likely to get "marked as read"

Blogger I'd most like to have a beer with
Best commenter
Most Sincere
Most Interesting (human interest)
Most Encouraging/Inspirational
Best Guest Blogger
Most opinionated

Relationships blog
Occupation/Career blog
Traveling blog
Shopping blog
Parenting Blog
Student Life Blog

Newbie award (turned 20 in 2008)
Last chance award (turned 29 in 2008)
Best 20sb user photo
Best cross-platform experience (blog+ twitter/tumblr/, etc)
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Featured Blogger Interview: RS27 (Your Beard Is Good)

Lisa: ahh, I'm late
My bad
Totally my bad
I threw up at work
It was the worst
And I went home and watched Gossip Girl until I felt better
And then remembered we had planned to meet
so sorry

Your Beard Is Good: I am chuck bass

Lisa: yeah you are!

Your: I would have been mad but that episode was awesome
I watched it at work

Lisa: nice, what's your job?

Your: I work in cable ad sales, but my boss isn't in town so I showed up at 930, ate some fruit loops out of the box and watched Gossip Girl

Lisa: That is the sweetest job I have ever heard of
at my job, I did incredibly basic calculations on like 100 different graphs

Your: If there was a job for eating cereal out of the box I would be worth millions

Lisa: so you're winning so far

Your: YES

Lisa: 1-0, but who's keeping score (answer: I am)

Your: sweet

Lisa: make that 2-0, because you're featured blogger, and I'm not
it was a long time coming
people have nominated the heck out of you

Your: I paid them all

Lisa: who was the cheapest?

Your: Alexa
I just begged

Lisa: probably. good one.

Your: haha

Lisa: I guess this can count as the interivew
what an opener: "I barfed at work"

Your: nice I like informal, now I don't have to put on pants

Lisa: exactly
For the record, I'm wearing pants, everybody
but moving on. Your blog is crazy
Your humour is super self deprecating but not in an annoying way.
You know those blogs that go for self deprecating but end up coming off as somebody you want to slap and tell them to get a grip? You're not one of them

Your: Like man you have crazy stories, or wow you might kill somebody someday

Lisa: a bit of both kinds of crazy, but in a good way

Your: Ok good I was going for pysopathic crazy

Lisa: Reach for the moon, RS. If you miss, you'll land amoung the stars
I spell amoung with a U. Do you like Canadians?

Your: I heard that once

Lisa: Have you ever said you had a girlfriend but she lived in Canada?
that's the greatest and most effective trick in the single boy's book

Your: hold on
I'm writing this down

Lisa: because then when people are like "why is your girlfriend never around?" you're just like "I don't know, ever heard of Edmonton? Because its far away"

Your: continue
ok (scribbling Edmonton, girl, canda, girl, sexy time)

Lisa: You just have to keep the story straight so people don't catch on
or mention really obscure Canadian towns because "uh, Toronto" is too easy
say Moosejaw

Your: Yeah like mosse jaw
we have the same brain

Lisa: that was fun and weird!
on the count of three say another canadian town

Your: saskatoon

Lisa: s!

Your: close

Lisa: close enough

Your: I was going to go with newfoundland but thats not really a town
I love Toronto

Lisa: I just found out today that at 14% homosexual, it has the 3rd largest gay community in the world!

Your: What are you saying?

Lisa: I am from near Toronto, so I'm close enough say that I'm from Toronto when people ask
I'm saying its a great city
And also that the Canadian boyfriend line works just as well as Canadian girlfriend
You are from LA. Correct?

Your: Nope, I'm from New Jersey, the greatest state in history of states that were ever stated
I moved to LA in 2005 to try and be the only brown person living in LA, I was mistaken, there are many brown people here

Lisa: Aziz Ansari!
That guy is funny
when did you move back?

Your: move back where?

Lisa: to Jerz
did you move back? or you are still there.

Your: I'm still in LA..did you throw up again?

Lisa: I am confused
yes, pardon me

Your: it was probably Chuck Bass' rich soothing voice that has confused you

Lisa: what's the proper response for throwing up in somebody's presence
like if you cough or sneeze you say excuse me
if you barf, like say if you barf on somebody's face. Just "whoops"
or what do you say to somebody who is barfing. Gesundheit hardly seems like enough

Your: Yeah I see yourpoint..I usualy go with, "Mom, please stop it"

Lisa: I can see how that'd be effective
When did you join 20sb?

Your: probably the 6th day I had a blog, I was on someone's blog and saw one of those badges and thought, "What is this 20 something bloggers thing, I'm 20 something, I'm a blogger..this is where I should be."
Then I waited like 5months to do anything with it
I'm lazy

Lisa: So am i
I'm too lazy to ask any more questions

Your: We are the same person
Moose Jaw
Gossip Girl
Actually thats all I got

Lisa: Do you like... math?

Your: debatable

Lisa: that's the extent of my personality

Your: hahahaha

Lisa: are you going to the 20sb meetup?

Your: good question
Here's the thing
If I go I owe Alexa a hundred dollars

Lisa: that's a strange deal

Your: yes, long story
I'm not normal
But now I may go because I will be on the East Coast that next weekend
I am hoping to marry someone rich in the next 5 months to buy my ticket
then get divorced in july
nice and easy

Lisa: we have that in common
I am hoping to marry somebody rich who pays my tuition until I graduate then we get divorced

Your: I like it
May I suggest Weird Al Yankovic
That guy is loaded

Lisa: and for you I suggest Emma Watson
those harry potter kids make an F-load of money

Your: Is she 18?
I'm just saying that to cover myself

Lisa: yes! newly!

Your: I am finding out where she lives and hiring a PI right now

Lisa: perfect, let me know of any good tactics you pick up
so I can snag Al

Your: Tell him about your Canadian boyfriend
heard of that once

Lisa: he'll get so jealous that he'll propose on the spot! good thinking

Your: hopefully with a parody of Hey There Delilah

Lisa: god, yes please!
well, I think we should maybe wrap up here. When I post this on the 20sb blog nobody is going to read this far

Your: I will make them

Lisa: god, yes please! (intentional repeat)
use your bribery- just like how you did you win featured blogger

Your: now everyone knows the secrets
Bribery gets you everywhere

Lisa: spread the word, everybody

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Compliments

RS27: If you're looking for quintessential self-deprecating humour, you'll find RS27 bogarting all of it down in LA for himself. Greedy bastard.

Distracted Spunk: Amazing writer, super friendly and pulling herself through one *rough* time. To me, she's really freaking strong, that one. I'm incredibly proud of her.

Gooseberried: I look forward to your updates and they're among the first I read even though I don't always comment. I find your blog and photos inspiring.

Deutlich: So sweet and sincere and wears her heart on her sleeve. Need more of those kind of people in the world.

Gina is my cross-country internet partner in crime. Her posts make me laugh and her emails make me smile. She's a good one.
-Laurie | Your Ill-fitting Overcoat
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Featured Blogger Interviews: Jon Bishop

me: Hey Jon!

Jon: Hey Lisa

me: So you're a technical media specialist. Would you call yourself an internet expert?

Jon: id say i know more about the internet than alot of people :P

but ive spent alot of time trying to make a living out of it

me: Did blogging get you into technical media specializing or vice versa?

Jon: i used to blog on my myspace account freshman year of college and 2 years later saw that i could use it to give my self a little bit of a name in my field

that worked out great

so now im shifting away from that blog to a personal one

thats more removed from my proffesional life

me: Right, you have two main blogs, right?

Jon: ya

two are just me

and theres one for my company i help out with

Jon: is my companys site

its the beginning of a social media strategy we've adopted to try and spread our brand

so far its working great

ill be launching my first full social media campaign for a major brand within the month

so im pretty pumped

me: That's exciting!

Jon: It's nice to see my hard work paying off

me: You use a lot of media types on your personal blog (heavy on video, pictures, etc)

Jon: yes

well i worked at umass amherst for 3 years as an interactive media teacher

i tought kids how to make things in flash

so coming into marketing i like bringing different media to the table

that people can interact with

me: Do you think that your experience with social media influences the way you write and your content on your personal blog?

Jon: i try not to let it

the sites not listed on google so im not to worried about people associating it to me and having it effect work

so i pretty much just rant on it

but then again

from my social media marketing perspective

i believe honesty is best when doing anything on the web

me: Honesty is best ONLY for the web

thats what I believe

Jon: ha ha

me: You live in MA, correct?

Jon: yup

and i love it

me: How long have you lived there?

Jon: ummmmmm

13 years i think

me: What's the weather like there these days?

Jon: not bad the last couple of days

but i know the snows coming

and i cant wait

i feel like every season im ready for the next one to hit

in the summer i was all about fall coming in

me: How many hours per week do you spend on the internet? (And how many of those are spent "recreationally")

Jon: monday through friday im on about 12 hours a day

5 recreational

weekends i try not to touch it

me: really!

Jon: ya i love the woods

so i disppear out to my dads

its like a cabin in the middle of nowhere

me: Well who doesn't, but I couldn't spent a whole weekend without internet

Jon: lol well

me: that does sound pretty awesome

Jon: actually im a gamer from back in the day

so i sneak in some half life and stuff at my dads

me: recovering addict

how many blogs are on your rss reader?

Jon: i just added a bunch

im checking right now .....


im pretty picky

me: What blogger do you look up to most?

Jon: chris brogan

i just think hes mastered blogging

a perfect mix of personal abd business

and he stays pretty active on other sites like brightkite and twitter

me: What's the last song you listened to?

I'm currently listening to You and I by Ingrid Michaelson

Jon: collective soul - december ... on my 90s rock mix

whos ingrid michaelson?

me: It’s such a sing-a-long song, so I keep imagining people breaking out into it spontaneously, like Benny and the Jets from 27 Dresses or I Say a Little Prayer for You from My Best Friend's Wedding

I don't even know, really. I just have this one terrific song. I should probs get her album

Jon: ha ha i so that alot

a friend will give me a song and ill love it ... and never think to check out mroe of their stuff

me: Oh totally

Jon: i did that with silversun pickups like last month

me: and then you eventually do and kick yourself for missing out on such a great artist for so long

Jon: and im doing it now with kings of leon


did that with dispatch

didnt get into them until their last conert at the hatch shell but i made it to that show

me: Really, all I have is The General from Dispatch... maybe I should look into their other stuff

Jon: i think i know every song by them now

its such great beach music


me: Your all time favourite band is:

Jon: ahhhhhhhhhhh

my brain just went into overload

state radio

ever since i heard camilo ive been hooked

love every single song

me: Your favourite band when you were 16:

Jon: what grade was that lol...

me: eleven?

Jon: um

wow i was into the mainstream punk rock scene

so maybe less than jake

or something corporate

me: also: something corporate= me at age 16, totally. I sang it in the halls with friends. Did I have friends? If I sang Something Corporate in the halls maybe I shouldn't have had friends

Jon: whats your favorite song by them?

9:25 PM me: Oh man:

Konstantine, no doubt


i alrady had mine ready


...originally we had talked for a while about blog swap. That’s long I procrastinated in posting this. Sorry, Jon!...

Jon: well thanks lisa

me: thank YOU Jon

and congrats on being a featured blogger!

and thanks for all that you do with 20sb!

Jon: its fun ... work would be boring without it


ok take it easy

me: you too!

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Featured Blogger: rs27

The current featured blogger rs27 from Your Beard is Good.

About him:
I live in and LA and don't work in the "biz". Does this make me normal? No? Does anything make me normal? No. At the risk of making this sound like a myspace profile I like mini horses. A lot.

Previous Winners
Distracted Spunk
The Lisa Show
Princess Pointful
Michelle & The City
Bespectacled Brunette
Miss A
James The Ink
Free and Flawed
Jess (Du Wax Loolu)
Chris (Surviving Myself)
the almost right word
Jessica (Everyday Adventures)
Jamie from Oh! How Lovely!
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December carnival topic

It is time for the December Blog Carnival and we want to hear from you!

So, choose your topic and submit your post for the Holiday Carnival by December 21.

You can choose any of the following three topics:

- A wishlist of things you want that are free
- A wishlist of 5 items, one for each sense (that's an item for sight, one for smell, etc)
- A wishlist of things you would sneak under the tree for yourself, age 13

To enter write a post on the topic and email the URL link to your post and the URL link to your 20sb page.

Carnival results will be posted at the end of December!

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Blog Carnival 9: Travel

Winning travel entries:

Amanda J from Sometimes It's Better Out Than In on Egypt

The Australian travel warning for the majority of Egypt is "High Degree of Caution". In recent years the emergence of terrorism has posed a threat to Egypt's tourism industry, and consequently, the place is riddled with Tourism Police. I often saw them on the corner of intersections, near major tourist attractions and outside hotels. Their white uniform with the words "TOURISM POLICE" printed boldly on their shirts made them pretty obvious. What was also obvious were their guns. BIG guns. The rifle shot-gun kind.

Read more here .

Lacy from Perks of Being a Jap on Israel

I spent the day in a happy oblivion, taking in the sites and marveling in the fact that I was in Israel. Much later that day, we pull up to our hotel (which was craptastic), and everyone gets off the bus, starts pulling their suitcases out and dragging them to the hotel. I get off the bus, and can't look through the pile of suitcases on that side. I don't see mine. . .

Read more here .

Distracted Spunk on Southeast Asia

I could write about the tan line on my left wrist, of the shadow of my silver and turquoise watch now imprinted on my skin.

I could write about the mosquito bites tracing a trail along the side of my right leg, verbose in its catalog of places I've traveled.

I could talk about the elephant's ear flicking off my left shoe and causing me to jump in my seat, and the boy who tore lemongrass from the ground for me to smell.

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