Thursday, November 20, 2008

Compliment Week- Thursday Part 2

DMB5_Libra: D is one of my best friends in life and I've known her for 14 years. In those years, I've learned so much from her I couldn't possibly fit it all in this comment box. But she is awesome. 'Nuff said.

HBee: Girl, I am so proud of you for the strength you've exhibited after everything that has happened.

Laurie has a great blog that has a really unique voice. Also, she's wore two skirts before at the same time, which just makes her cool in my books!

Ben is sweet and tender lover....oh wait....I mean he is a great writer that makes me laugh very, very easily.

Allie: You rock for organizing our fabulous book club!

Jamie: You're a 20SB legend. I hope one day I can be as cool as you are. Seriously. Some of us strive to be Jamie Lovely!


Ben said...

Fack, you guys are nice to me...

Rachel, you know how I feel about you. Let's continue to be email buddies.


I agree, that HBee is a strong one...and sweet too.

With the right amount of work, we'll bring her out of her shell. :)

Jamie said...

Dude, Renee. Why do I love you so much?

Thank you, you are awesome <3

dmb5_libra said...

awwwwwwwww! thanks deutlich! that made my morning :) sooooo excited for blogger happy hour!!!!!!

Allie said...

Aw, you make me so happy!