Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Compliment Week- Tuesday Part 1

Ben: It's my Canadian-Future-Husband-if-He-Didn't-"Bat"-for-the-Other-Team! Ok, ok. I'm sure there's going to be plenty of similar comments about Ben and he's going to turn all shades of red (again) and yada yada yada. Obviously, Ben is a rockstar in his own right. He's friendly, personable and really fun to read. Even through the interwebs there's just something that stands out about him - and that's rare.

Steph-Joy: Steph's blog is one of the cheeriest out there. Whenever I am glum I know I can to there to get inspired. What a positive outlook she has!

The Almost Right Word: She is a wonderful writer who touches on a diversity of issues. Her passion for what she writes about shines through, and she makes a point in engaging her readers in a dialogue about the topics outside the realm of her blog if they are interested! Plus she makes me learn stuff ;)

Deutlich is real (does that make sense?) She writes exactly what she is thinking. She also has a huge heart.

Kerri: When I got your package in the mail this summer, I SQUEED. You are so genuine and so kind. One day I hope to be as authentic as you are!


Ben said...

Oh D, you are such a sillyface with your very sweet compliments. Thanks so much for making me blush...again.

Deutlich said...

Ben: I less-than-three you so muchly!

Rachel: I might (MIGHT) be a little misty eyed over here. I'm a big cheezy dork that way. And thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Princess Pointful! You've made my day!!!

Rachel said...

At least you understood what I was trying to say :D Love you babe!