Monday, November 10, 2008

Blog Carnival 9 coming up!

Blog Carnival 9 is open! The topic is TRAVEL!

Tell us about your favorite trip, your excursions, your honeymoon, whatever! Some of us have traveled to some fantastic places and for those of us who haven't let us live vicariously through you!

How to enter to the Travel Blog Carninval??

1. Write a travel related post on your blog

2. Email Tipp at the URL to your post and the URL to your 20sb page.

3. Submit the above two URLs to me by November 31.

4. Check out the 20sb Blog for the winners to be posted by December 5th!

The best and most well-written TRAVEL submissions will be showcased in a magazine type format with links to your post on the 20sb Blog.

Email with any questions!

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