Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blog Carnival 9: Travel

Winning travel entries:

Amanda J from Sometimes It's Better Out Than In on Egypt

The Australian travel warning for the majority of Egypt is "High Degree of Caution". In recent years the emergence of terrorism has posed a threat to Egypt's tourism industry, and consequently, the place is riddled with Tourism Police. I often saw them on the corner of intersections, near major tourist attractions and outside hotels. Their white uniform with the words "TOURISM POLICE" printed boldly on their shirts made them pretty obvious. What was also obvious were their guns. BIG guns. The rifle shot-gun kind.

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Lacy from Perks of Being a Jap on Israel

I spent the day in a happy oblivion, taking in the sites and marveling in the fact that I was in Israel. Much later that day, we pull up to our hotel (which was craptastic), and everyone gets off the bus, starts pulling their suitcases out and dragging them to the hotel. I get off the bus, and can't look through the pile of suitcases on that side. I don't see mine. . .

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Distracted Spunk on Southeast Asia

I could write about the tan line on my left wrist, of the shadow of my silver and turquoise watch now imprinted on my skin.

I could write about the mosquito bites tracing a trail along the side of my right leg, verbose in its catalog of places I've traveled.

I could talk about the elephant's ear flicking off my left shoe and causing me to jump in my seat, and the boy who tore lemongrass from the ground for me to smell.

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