Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Compliment Week- Tuesday Part 2

Jess: One of the most sincere blogs out there. She blogs about a whole slew of topics with honesty but also with respect. She's a gracious blogger is what I'm saying. She has the ability to pull heart strings and really make you emote. Also, I really appreciate the technical superiority of her grammar/writing. Real sentences! Consistent capitalization! Clear distinction between adjectives and adverbs! All in all this blog is one for your reader.

Maxie: Uhm, hello?! Only my favoritest West Virginian in the whole widest world. And I don't even care that she's a Mountaineer. Maxie's quick ability to laugh, make others laugh and her completely outgoing nature is a rare find indeed. I totally less-than-three her.

Duchess of Kickball: Hilarious blog! Loves it!

Essentially Me: Hmm, where to being. First of all, she tolerates me being a comment whore on her 20SB page. She takes all my smartass replies and childish insults for what they TRULY are – playfulness. She lives in Canada (eh) and I live in the States, if we lived closer together, I would resort to pushing her during recess the way any 5th grader would push a girl he likes. But since we aren’t in the 5th grade anymore and this is cyberspace, I have to resort to teasing and name calling via Twitter, Facebook and Blogger. Oh yeah...she also has a good little blog and she’s defiantly easy on the eyes. And did I mention she seems to have a really caring heart? Yeah, that too. Only a school teacher would spend her hard earned paycheck on the very minds she is enriching. Something tells me she probably isn’t aware of what a difference she is making in this world and in the lives of others.

Alexa's hospitality and freakishly loud laugh is one in a million. She's got a great sense of humor, is AMAZING to be around and it's truly fun to read her shenanigans on her blog. She's a rockstar. Totally.


Essentially Me said...

Wow, David! Thanks ... you make me blush! And you know that our banter is one I quite enjoy and look forward to. I'd totally shove you back.

Alexa said...

B, you are the rockstar! xoxo


Shove accepted. :)