Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Compliment Week- Wednesday Part 3

David: His ability to stick his foot in his mouth is something I'm fiercely fond of. Moreover, I always appreciate when someone has the gall to say what he or she is really thinking and David delivers.

Rachel: Your daughter is beautiful, your hair is sexy, and I'll never forget how you stood up for me in my comments section last week. Prop 8, stop the H8!

Nicole: I love that Nicole always responds personally to my comments via email! She always has such wise and thoughtful things to say.

Single: I really admire Single's ability to put the hard stuff out there. She's gone through a rough time recently, but has still shared those difficult things. Plus, she loves Mad Men and who can't love her for that?

So@24 deserves compliments for so many reasons. Here are the top 5: 1) His blog is always, always, always funny/fun/hilarious/amazing/good/honest. 2) My real-life friends that are not bloggers adore him. In fact, a lot of them only read my blog and his. 3) He was the first blogger that ever commented on my blog and it made me really, really happy and forever made his blog #1 in my heart. 4) He somehow manages to flirt via blog comments. This is very impressive. 5) On a more serious note, I admire the way he has branded his blogger. Always using the name So@24, the blue bar, using different colors for names, and always taking the time to link back to his own work/videos/pictures, etc really sets his blog apart from the rest.


Rachel said...

Oh Renee, let's skip off into the sunset together!


Thanks Deulich!

I am a brutally honest kind of guy and I think it's contagious because you have the ability to be brutally honest too sometimes...and I like it.