Friday, November 21, 2008

Compliment Week- Friday Part 3

Fiveblondes: I have four sisters, so immediately I liked you girls. You're so different from each other, but also so the same. It makes your blog really enjoyable. You do an exemplary job of letting us in your life but also keeping privacy boundaries. Plus, you're all beautiful. Plus plus, hooray for sisters! Plus plus plus, hooray for Ontario!

Stealthnerd: One of my internet BFFs! She is hilarious, has dreams about Luke from Gilmore Girls and has the best/worst stories about NYC.

Kendall is a great writer with a lot of heart. He puts himself out there in every post and he's never afraid to say what he's thinking.
-the almost right word

Emily has become a great friend! Today she listened to me cry and stress for like 20 minutes about the stuff going on in my life. She has really helped me through a lot of crap and I'm glad that I met her through blogging!

Narm: In short, he's funny AND he's hot. I think that sums it up. ;)

Jessica: You are just the coolest blogger I know! :)

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