Friday, January 9, 2009

Meet Your Admin: Deutlich

Name: Deutlich
Blog Url:

Where are you from: Virginia
Age: 26
Blogging since: 1999, although back then it was a LiveJournal

Favourite Movie: Uhm.. I am horrible at picking favorite movies. HORRIBLE. My brain is blank.
Single best part of that movie: Uhm.. that one? haha

Where did/do you go to school: Virginia Tech
Studying: Majored in Marketing Management

Top three favourite bands: Ooh - LOVE this question. 1) Radiohead 2) Jason Mraz 3) Dave Matthews Band. Honorary Mention: The Backstreet Boys. I just can't let go. Apparently.

Three songs that would be on the soundtrack of the movie of your life: 1: 2+2=5 by Radiohead ( 2: Song for a Friend by Jason Mraz ( 3: #41 by Dave Matthews Band (

Instruments played: I used to play violin, have tinkered on the piano and tried (and failed) taking guitar lessons. When I make enough $$ to have spending cash, I plan on buying myself a guitar and teaching myself how to play.

When you were a kid, what movie star did you have a crush on: Does Jonathan Taylor Thomas count? Is that his name? I think that's his name... Oh! And Patrick Swayze. Dirty Dancing was my JAM.

The last time you took an airplane: Just 3 weeks ago! To St. Louis, MO for work. I was lucky enough to see nothing but the inside of my hotel and the airport.. and the bus that took me from one to the other. Oh, the joy.

Favourite book: HARRY POTTER. 

Favourite class in high school: Math. I took Geometry & Algebra II in the same year, one class right after the other, and aced both. 

Fictional character you most resemble: Oooh, good question. Hmm.. I'm not sure there's a fictional character enough like me to compare. Odd.

Favourite beverage: Coffee. Cuz yes.

Most delicious meal you can cook: Breakfast omelets with home fries. 

What do you wear to bed: Really it depends, but the less the better. I hate sweating at night.

Favourite scent: fresh cut grass, Spring, lake water, the mountains.. etc.

Favourite breakfast cereal: Fruity Pebbles, even though I steer clear because they're so bad for me.


Deutlich said...

ps: I'm 27 now. Gah! But I think I like that it says 26.. *ahem*

Anonymous said...

Of all the gyms in College Station I prefer Gold’s gym, because of the great service.

Mermanda said...

JTT! Yes! Swoon!

rialeilani said...

mmmmm can i come over for breakfast? :)

Anonymous said...


Tipp said...

Seriously girl, where were you when I was crying into my Algebra book in HS?

So jealous.

Maxie said...

I'm so glad BSB made the cut-- I would cry if they hadn't.

I'm a math girl too-- math rocks!

and now i sound like a nerd :-)