Saturday, January 24, 2009

Featured Blogger Interview: Nicole Antoinette

Lisa: Hey Nicole

 (Readers, I would like to note that Nicole just said that starting an interview is like having sex for the first time with a new person, I feel like that is an accurate metaphor)


Nicole: Well, I mean it's pretty awkward right? "Hi baby, I'm ready. Better get it started before I change my mind." Although, I don't know why I'd call you baby...


Lisa:... I think I've changed my mind, and this interview is a bad idea. Are we drunk?  I'm drunk, are you drunk?  I'm going to blog about this tomorrow. I'll call you "N"


Nicole: Ha, look at that, I'll be like my very own Gossip Girl character.  And no, I'm not drunk, although we should switch this to video chat, I'll put away my tea and we'll take some shots to really get the interview party started.


Lisa: Okay first question: if you were on Gossip Girl, who would you punch first?


Nicole: I'm going to say Rufus, although I feel bad because he's such a nice guy and all. But I mean c'mon. STOP GIVING SERENA AND DAN REASONS NOT TO BE TOGETHER.


Lisa: I say Rufus because he is a terrible father, and then Jenny because get a new hair cut. I punch people when they have bad hair cuts. All the time.


Next question: what was your worst ever hair cut?


Nicole: Worst hair cut? ::shivers:: Summer before third grade, my mom thought it would be "smashing" (we lived in London at the time and she used to use insane words like smashing) to get me a really really really short haircut. Because it was "chic" (also her word). Little did she know that when you're that young, and there isn't too much to differentiate you from little boys your age, long hair is a NECESSITY.


Lisa:I hear that, I hear that hard.  I spent fourth grade bearing frightening resemblance to Maria from the Sound of Music


Nicole: Although it wasn't all bad, because she caved and let me get my ears pierced. So people would stop telling me I was in the wrong restroom.


Lisa: Ha, nice.  Next question: After watching Sound of Music, did you want to be a nun?


Nicole:  I couldn't hack it as a nun. Too much clothing makes me anxious. Hence the move to Southern California and the life of total sin.


Lisa:You're naked right now?  Again?


Nicole: Damn it, I thought you said no video chat!

Lisa: I make rules because I enjoy breaking them.  Nicole, tell the world what your blog is about.


Nicole: My blog? it's about me. Because I'm a big, vapid, (naked) narcissist.  To clarify: it's a personal blog. About life and its daily shenanigans.


Lisa: What percentage of people polled would answer "love it!" to the question "How do you feel about Nicole's blog?"


Nicole: All of the people in the universe, if they ever want me to bake them cupcakes. And, for the official record, I'm a pretty damn good baker. Like Izzy on Grey's Anatomy, only without the dead guy sex and the blond hair.


Lisa: I'm glad you pointed out the differences, because she's kind of crazy.


Nicole: And while I'm kind of crazy, it's the good crazy. Pinky swear.


Lisa: I love pinky swears!   Last question: have you ever broken a pinky swear?


Nicole: You know, I don't think I've ever made a real one. Wanna make one now? I (pinky swear) I won't break it!


Lisa: Yes!  Do you pinky swear you will come to the meetup?


Nicole: Damn it! Do you pinky swear you'll move it to the weekend before? You know the situation I'm in! The meet up is taking place during the first week of my summer camp! Lisaaaaaa!


Lisa: Okay FINE, new pinky swear.  Do you pinky swear will you go on 10 20sb blogs you've never read and leave them a heartfelt (and I mean HEARTFELT) comment linking them to this interview?  But Nicole: HEART. FELT.


Nicole: You are so full of PRESSURE!  Yes, I pinky swear that I will go on 10 new 20SB blogs and link them to this interview. If I can figure out how to link in a comment.


Lisa: Okay.  Done.


Nicole: But wait!  Isn't that ego mania? Linking to MY OWN interview for Featured Blogger? I already talk incessantly about myself on my own blog, haha, I don't know that the internet can handle anymore of it!


Lisa: Okay, leave a heart felt comment, that’s all.  Deal?   Pinky swear?


Nicole: Perfect. Pinky swear!


Lisa: Perfect.


Ashley D said...

This is the funniest thing (interview) I've ever read. You girls crack me up. :)

Maxie said...

I love nicole's blog!

now give me my cupcake.

nicoleantoinette said...

Ashley D- Aw... thanks!!

Maxie- Ha, well played. I owe you one. Flavor of choice?

Ben said...

bahahaahahaaha Lfar is the Babwa Walters of funny interviews