Friday, April 10, 2009

Worst Post Ever Contest


It's time for the worst post ever contest!

Rules: write the worst post ever! Create a post no longer than 600 words about any topic you wish (except nothing hateful or illegal or offensive, even though that would definitely be the worst post ever). Pictures are allowed. Just the worst post ever, you know?

To submit: email worstpostever subject: 20SB Worst Post Ever. If you're including pictures, you must also send an html file of your post and all pictures must be self hosted. Also include a link to your 20sb profile, please!

Judging: the panel will be myself and 2 or 4 other judges. (Email me if you're interested in judging). We'll narrow it down to the worst (best?) 3, and then we'll post those 3 right here on the blog for everybody to vote on.

Deadline: all posts must be submitted by April 18th.

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Jay said...

God, that badge is absolutely hideous.

(It's perfect!)

Anonymous said...

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