Tuesday, March 24, 2009

20SB Member Creations

20SB is excited to announce the launch of HandsIn, an organization created to inspire 20-somethings to change their world.  Part social network, part online magazine, and part volunteer coordination service, HandsIn aims to bring people together through dedicated community service and the shared commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.  The organization was founded by 20SB member Nicole Antoinette, who's tired of the stereotype of 20-something apathy and out to prove that small actions can have big results. 

In honor of the big launch, they're giving away a two part, $200 prize.  The first $100 goes to the winner (as a $100 gift card to the retailer of choice), and the second $100 gets donated directly to a chosen charity.  To enter, simply get active on the site between now and midnight (PST) on Friday, March 27.  Everything you do counts as one entry, so comment on a post, set up a profile, make a pledge for 20 Something Service Day, nominate someone who deserves recognition, submit content for publication, follow @handsin on Twitter, tweet about the organization, join the Facebook group- it all counts! 

Visit www.handsin.org now to join the 20-Something Change Movement! 


Vicky said...

The first link to HandsIn is broken...

20sb said...

Thanks for the heads up! It should work now