Sunday, December 14, 2008

20sb Bootleg award nominations

Now open! Click here to submit your nominations.

Once you start you have to finish, so here is a reminder of all the categories:

Best Title
Best Design
Best Group Blog
Most diverse subject matter
Most distinct voice
Best Up-and-Coming Blog (blog started in 2008)
Least likely to get "marked as read"

Blogger I'd most like to have a beer with
Best commenter
Most Sincere
Most Interesting (human interest)
Most Encouraging/Inspirational
Best Guest Blogger
Most opinionated

Relationships blog
Occupation/Career blog
Traveling blog
Shopping blog
Parenting Blog
Student Life Blog

Newbie award (turned 20 in 2008)
Last chance award (turned 29 in 2008)
Best 20sb user photo
Best cross-platform experience (blog+ twitter/tumblr/, etc)

1 comment:

Himbo said...

This is gonna sound so bad but, can I vote for myself?