Thursday, December 4, 2008

Featured Blogger Interviews: Jon Bishop

me: Hey Jon!

Jon: Hey Lisa

me: So you're a technical media specialist. Would you call yourself an internet expert?

Jon: id say i know more about the internet than alot of people :P

but ive spent alot of time trying to make a living out of it

me: Did blogging get you into technical media specializing or vice versa?

Jon: i used to blog on my myspace account freshman year of college and 2 years later saw that i could use it to give my self a little bit of a name in my field

that worked out great

so now im shifting away from that blog to a personal one

thats more removed from my proffesional life

me: Right, you have two main blogs, right?

Jon: ya

two are just me

and theres one for my company i help out with

Jon: is my companys site

its the beginning of a social media strategy we've adopted to try and spread our brand

so far its working great

ill be launching my first full social media campaign for a major brand within the month

so im pretty pumped

me: That's exciting!

Jon: It's nice to see my hard work paying off

me: You use a lot of media types on your personal blog (heavy on video, pictures, etc)

Jon: yes

well i worked at umass amherst for 3 years as an interactive media teacher

i tought kids how to make things in flash

so coming into marketing i like bringing different media to the table

that people can interact with

me: Do you think that your experience with social media influences the way you write and your content on your personal blog?

Jon: i try not to let it

the sites not listed on google so im not to worried about people associating it to me and having it effect work

so i pretty much just rant on it

but then again

from my social media marketing perspective

i believe honesty is best when doing anything on the web

me: Honesty is best ONLY for the web

thats what I believe

Jon: ha ha

me: You live in MA, correct?

Jon: yup

and i love it

me: How long have you lived there?

Jon: ummmmmm

13 years i think

me: What's the weather like there these days?

Jon: not bad the last couple of days

but i know the snows coming

and i cant wait

i feel like every season im ready for the next one to hit

in the summer i was all about fall coming in

me: How many hours per week do you spend on the internet? (And how many of those are spent "recreationally")

Jon: monday through friday im on about 12 hours a day

5 recreational

weekends i try not to touch it

me: really!

Jon: ya i love the woods

so i disppear out to my dads

its like a cabin in the middle of nowhere

me: Well who doesn't, but I couldn't spent a whole weekend without internet

Jon: lol well

me: that does sound pretty awesome

Jon: actually im a gamer from back in the day

so i sneak in some half life and stuff at my dads

me: recovering addict

how many blogs are on your rss reader?

Jon: i just added a bunch

im checking right now .....


im pretty picky

me: What blogger do you look up to most?

Jon: chris brogan

i just think hes mastered blogging

a perfect mix of personal abd business

and he stays pretty active on other sites like brightkite and twitter

me: What's the last song you listened to?

I'm currently listening to You and I by Ingrid Michaelson

Jon: collective soul - december ... on my 90s rock mix

whos ingrid michaelson?

me: It’s such a sing-a-long song, so I keep imagining people breaking out into it spontaneously, like Benny and the Jets from 27 Dresses or I Say a Little Prayer for You from My Best Friend's Wedding

I don't even know, really. I just have this one terrific song. I should probs get her album

Jon: ha ha i so that alot

a friend will give me a song and ill love it ... and never think to check out mroe of their stuff

me: Oh totally

Jon: i did that with silversun pickups like last month

me: and then you eventually do and kick yourself for missing out on such a great artist for so long

Jon: and im doing it now with kings of leon


did that with dispatch

didnt get into them until their last conert at the hatch shell but i made it to that show

me: Really, all I have is The General from Dispatch... maybe I should look into their other stuff

Jon: i think i know every song by them now

its such great beach music


me: Your all time favourite band is:

Jon: ahhhhhhhhhhh

my brain just went into overload

state radio

ever since i heard camilo ive been hooked

love every single song

me: Your favourite band when you were 16:

Jon: what grade was that lol...

me: eleven?

Jon: um

wow i was into the mainstream punk rock scene

so maybe less than jake

or something corporate

me: also: something corporate= me at age 16, totally. I sang it in the halls with friends. Did I have friends? If I sang Something Corporate in the halls maybe I shouldn't have had friends

Jon: whats your favorite song by them?

9:25 PM me: Oh man:

Konstantine, no doubt


i alrady had mine ready


...originally we had talked for a while about blog swap. That’s long I procrastinated in posting this. Sorry, Jon!...

Jon: well thanks lisa

me: thank YOU Jon

and congrats on being a featured blogger!

and thanks for all that you do with 20sb!

Jon: its fun ... work would be boring without it


ok take it easy

me: you too!

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