Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Compliments

RS27: If you're looking for quintessential self-deprecating humour, you'll find RS27 bogarting all of it down in LA for himself. Greedy bastard.

Distracted Spunk: Amazing writer, super friendly and pulling herself through one *rough* time. To me, she's really freaking strong, that one. I'm incredibly proud of her.

Gooseberried: I look forward to your updates and they're among the first I read even though I don't always comment. I find your blog and photos inspiring.

Deutlich: So sweet and sincere and wears her heart on her sleeve. Need more of those kind of people in the world.

Gina is my cross-country internet partner in crime. Her posts make me laugh and her emails make me smile. She's a good one.
-Laurie | Your Ill-fitting Overcoat

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