Thursday, December 11, 2008

Featured Blogger Interview: RS27 (Your Beard Is Good)

Lisa: ahh, I'm late
My bad
Totally my bad
I threw up at work
It was the worst
And I went home and watched Gossip Girl until I felt better
And then remembered we had planned to meet
so sorry

Your Beard Is Good: I am chuck bass

Lisa: yeah you are!

Your: I would have been mad but that episode was awesome
I watched it at work

Lisa: nice, what's your job?

Your: I work in cable ad sales, but my boss isn't in town so I showed up at 930, ate some fruit loops out of the box and watched Gossip Girl

Lisa: That is the sweetest job I have ever heard of
at my job, I did incredibly basic calculations on like 100 different graphs

Your: If there was a job for eating cereal out of the box I would be worth millions

Lisa: so you're winning so far

Your: YES

Lisa: 1-0, but who's keeping score (answer: I am)

Your: sweet

Lisa: make that 2-0, because you're featured blogger, and I'm not
it was a long time coming
people have nominated the heck out of you

Your: I paid them all

Lisa: who was the cheapest?

Your: Alexa
I just begged

Lisa: probably. good one.

Your: haha

Lisa: I guess this can count as the interivew
what an opener: "I barfed at work"

Your: nice I like informal, now I don't have to put on pants

Lisa: exactly
For the record, I'm wearing pants, everybody
but moving on. Your blog is crazy
Your humour is super self deprecating but not in an annoying way.
You know those blogs that go for self deprecating but end up coming off as somebody you want to slap and tell them to get a grip? You're not one of them

Your: Like man you have crazy stories, or wow you might kill somebody someday

Lisa: a bit of both kinds of crazy, but in a good way

Your: Ok good I was going for pysopathic crazy

Lisa: Reach for the moon, RS. If you miss, you'll land amoung the stars
I spell amoung with a U. Do you like Canadians?

Your: I heard that once

Lisa: Have you ever said you had a girlfriend but she lived in Canada?
that's the greatest and most effective trick in the single boy's book

Your: hold on
I'm writing this down

Lisa: because then when people are like "why is your girlfriend never around?" you're just like "I don't know, ever heard of Edmonton? Because its far away"

Your: continue
ok (scribbling Edmonton, girl, canda, girl, sexy time)

Lisa: You just have to keep the story straight so people don't catch on
or mention really obscure Canadian towns because "uh, Toronto" is too easy
say Moosejaw

Your: Yeah like mosse jaw
we have the same brain

Lisa: that was fun and weird!
on the count of three say another canadian town

Your: saskatoon

Lisa: s!

Your: close

Lisa: close enough

Your: I was going to go with newfoundland but thats not really a town
I love Toronto

Lisa: I just found out today that at 14% homosexual, it has the 3rd largest gay community in the world!

Your: What are you saying?

Lisa: I am from near Toronto, so I'm close enough say that I'm from Toronto when people ask
I'm saying its a great city
And also that the Canadian boyfriend line works just as well as Canadian girlfriend
You are from LA. Correct?

Your: Nope, I'm from New Jersey, the greatest state in history of states that were ever stated
I moved to LA in 2005 to try and be the only brown person living in LA, I was mistaken, there are many brown people here

Lisa: Aziz Ansari!
That guy is funny
when did you move back?

Your: move back where?

Lisa: to Jerz
did you move back? or you are still there.

Your: I'm still in LA..did you throw up again?

Lisa: I am confused
yes, pardon me

Your: it was probably Chuck Bass' rich soothing voice that has confused you

Lisa: what's the proper response for throwing up in somebody's presence
like if you cough or sneeze you say excuse me
if you barf, like say if you barf on somebody's face. Just "whoops"
or what do you say to somebody who is barfing. Gesundheit hardly seems like enough

Your: Yeah I see yourpoint..I usualy go with, "Mom, please stop it"

Lisa: I can see how that'd be effective
When did you join 20sb?

Your: probably the 6th day I had a blog, I was on someone's blog and saw one of those badges and thought, "What is this 20 something bloggers thing, I'm 20 something, I'm a blogger..this is where I should be."
Then I waited like 5months to do anything with it
I'm lazy

Lisa: So am i
I'm too lazy to ask any more questions

Your: We are the same person
Moose Jaw
Gossip Girl
Actually thats all I got

Lisa: Do you like... math?

Your: debatable

Lisa: that's the extent of my personality

Your: hahahaha

Lisa: are you going to the 20sb meetup?

Your: good question
Here's the thing
If I go I owe Alexa a hundred dollars

Lisa: that's a strange deal

Your: yes, long story
I'm not normal
But now I may go because I will be on the East Coast that next weekend
I am hoping to marry someone rich in the next 5 months to buy my ticket
then get divorced in july
nice and easy

Lisa: we have that in common
I am hoping to marry somebody rich who pays my tuition until I graduate then we get divorced

Your: I like it
May I suggest Weird Al Yankovic
That guy is loaded

Lisa: and for you I suggest Emma Watson
those harry potter kids make an F-load of money

Your: Is she 18?
I'm just saying that to cover myself

Lisa: yes! newly!

Your: I am finding out where she lives and hiring a PI right now

Lisa: perfect, let me know of any good tactics you pick up
so I can snag Al

Your: Tell him about your Canadian boyfriend
heard of that once

Lisa: he'll get so jealous that he'll propose on the spot! good thinking

Your: hopefully with a parody of Hey There Delilah

Lisa: god, yes please!
well, I think we should maybe wrap up here. When I post this on the 20sb blog nobody is going to read this far

Your: I will make them

Lisa: god, yes please! (intentional repeat)
use your bribery- just like how you did you win featured blogger

Your: now everyone knows the secrets
Bribery gets you everywhere

Lisa: spread the word, everybody


Maxie said...

I nominated you like 4 times.

I want my money.

Anonymous said...

oh man, that was hilarious. good stuff guys, good stuff.

Phil said...

He made me read it. And I did.

JR Moreau said...

I smiled at while at work. Can't believe it!

Alexa said...


first you called me cheap.

fair enough and well played.

but since you are going to the meet-up you are going to make me $100 richer.

i win.

Miss A said...

Great work guys... I love this stuff!

lacochran's evil twin said...

*scribbling* Canadian boyfriend better than imaginary boyfriend.