Sunday, March 30, 2008

Admin Position Open: Carnival Editor

Alright crew,

There are over 1000 of us now, which is pretty insane. I'm sure you'll believe that there is a TONNE of background admin going on, but would you believe that it is being done by a mere trio?

I'm looking for somebody to take over as official editor of the 20SB Carnival. Every future edition will still be published on the 20SB blog.

Job duties include:
- encouraging submissions
- making sure all submissions are written by 20sb members
- being a point of contact for anybody with carnival questions
- choosing the best submissions for each carnival edition
- organising excerpts, and formatting each edition
- posting each edition!

Sort of sounds like a lot, but it each cycle takes a month.

- everybody's gratitude (right guys?)
- virtual high fives

Email me (Lisa, at lfarblogatgmaildotcom) answering the following questions:
1. Why do you want to be the editor?
2. Why do you think you'd be the best editor ever?

Everybody is welcome to apply!


elysa said...

from the blog carnival's I've seen different people offer to host it on their blog each time, it's a way to get new visitors to your blog. I think a different host each month would be better than having the same person each time. I'd be willing to do these tasks a few times but I can't commit to do it permanently.

Carrie said...

I concur with elysa; that would be a wicked way of getting more visits/hits to your blog.

I'd def. do a month for you!