Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Menu Tabs

So you'll see at the top menu... a new tab called "Awards"

Ning has this beta feature that allows you to add new tabs, but it's incredibly restricting. Each new tab can only be a list of announcements, basically. Or like, a blog. A useless blog. It's... stupid.

But is it stupid? I hope not; I've spent quite a while figuring it all out, so hopefully it's at least slightly useful.

The only use I could think of would be a really nice place to organize all the stuff that's goes on with awards. We made our own sub-site for that because it was getting too messy. Maybe for the next awards, this little tab can help us keep it together!

Next awards? Yes, it's time to start thinking about thinking about them. In the interest of transparency, I'll post an awards time line. Soonish, I promise.

1. Awards tab...
a) useless?
b) useless now, helpful during awards season?
c) always a great idea?

2. Tabs in general...
a) could be great! My suggested use of a new tab would be:
b) seem silly. Cease, please. (<-- those words to not rhyme)


Mostly Lisa said...

The more options the better. Very useful.

PS. why not wordpress?

lfar said...

Mostly Lisa- wordpress really isn't as customizable as blogger unless you start paying money, and even then, blogger is way easier for anything I'd want do to with it. Plus, I already know how to work blogger stuff... saves me relearning time, you know?

Jenn said...

I like the tabs. It makes things easier to find.

James said...

Personally I think awards every six months is overkill. But then I've never been a fan of blogging awards.

elysa said...

Lisa I found a site where you can set up a poll really easy I think we should use that on the next awards so you don't have to hand tally everything. That way people can also see the progress during the voting period to make it more interesting.

ps- I think adding the tab is helpful.