Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Featured Blogger Interviews: Jamie

(A new feature! I'm going to be interviewing all the featured bloggers so you can get to know them a little bit more beyond their profile)

Lisa: hey!

Jamie: hi!

Lisa: how much time do youhave?

Jamie: until 8 when grey's anatomy starts hahah

Lisa: I didn't know that was back on. I'm so behind.

Jamie: it's only like three episodes in so you can totally catch up

Lisa: Okay. that wasn't the start.

Lisa: or should it be?

Lisa: Should this be super casual like, you're a guest on the late night show or something?

Lisa: and we end up talking about your recent break up instead of your new perfume or whatever?

Jamie: haha sure, jay leno mode or something

Jamie: but for the record, my new perfume is AMAZING

Lisa: yeah, haha. And I'll be all "why don't you ever wear underwear, COME ON" and you'll be like"Lise, I think we were going to talk about my new movie"

Lisa: Okay. So you blog at OhHowLovely.net. How long have you been blogging?

Jamie: well, started blogging on livejournal before i even knew it was "blogging" back in like 2002ish?

Jamie: and last year, i moved to wordpress

Jamie: and haven't looked back!

Lisa: Yeah, livejournal was the worst

Lisa: What got you started back in 2002?

Jamie: i'm really not sure. i knew a lot of people who had them and i figured why not? i was a freshman at DePaul and went to tons of shows and wrote about how annoying my roommated was

Jamie: i was totally convinced she was trying to be Jamie 2.0

Lisa: Did your roommate ever find the blog?

Jamie: i think she read it but once I started writing about her, it definitely became friends only!

Lisa: Who is the most awkward person that reads your blog.

Lisa: That question was poorly phrased.

Lisa: I mean like... somebody that reads your blog that you'd rather they didn't. Mothers, ex boyfriends, things like that

Jamie: well my boyfriend reads my blog and has from the start so i can't really write about our relationship much.

Jamie: well i guess i could

Jamie: but we dont really have problems or drama that i would be airing out, you know?

Jamie: other than him, nobody really. unless, people i know found it and just haven't told me!

Lisa: You pretty much blog once a day, right? Has it always been like that?

Jamie: when i started on WP, i'd blog at least once a day if not more. it was right around NaBloPoMo too so i"had" to

Jamie: and i felt like it was such a chore hahah and that i never knew what to write about

Jamie: but now, it's pretty much once a day.

Lisa: You have a few blogs, right? A shopping blog, a blog with a few other writers...

Jamie: oh god, yes. i'm all over the place right now. i'm probably totally annoying when i ask people to go read my posts elsewhere because there is too many

Jamie: but yes, i have my shopping blog, www.ohhowlovely.net/shops which is basically me being mad i'm not crafty

Jamie: so i'm forced to buy and covet cute stuff other people make that i can't

www.ummnowwhat.com is a blog with Brandy, Jess Writes, Princess Pointful, Chelsea Talks Smack and myself talking about what's it like being a 20something and things that we have dealt with

Jamie: i've sucked at updating thatone lately, i'm such a slacker

Jamie: i'm contribute to whosyourdachsund.com about my little fat wiener dog, Winston

Jamie: and lastly, I write about fashion and style for www.ronebreak.com

Lisa: That's lots of writing!

Lisa: Would you call yourself a writer?

Jamie: I KNOW!

Jamie: im a total slacker lately though

Jamie: i don't know if i'd call myself a writer. i think of it as something i aspire to be

Jamie: but right now, i just write

Lisa: You've been around 20sbfor a long time

Lisa: You even won an award back last January

Lisa: "most likeable"

Lisa: how did that feel?

Jamie: first off, i love 20SB. I'm so glad I ended up finding it. As for the award, I was really shocked!

Jamie: i was so new to 20SB

Jamie: and the others that were nominated were much more well known and just awesome. i really thought i had no chance

Jamie: it was a great feeling though. i was so excited!

Lisa: Describe your blog in 10 words

Jamie: oh gosh, that's hard! haha okay

Jamie: 10 random words? let's see

Jamie: random, silly, whiny, puppies, bad television

Jamie: that's a phrase haha

Jamie: but there is a lot of it on myblog

Jamie: fashion, shopping

Jamie: i really don't know, my blog is really random. im not a niche blog so it's just kind of everything!

Lisa: Is there anything else you want to talk about? Or anything you want to say to the 20sb community at large?

Jamie: im just really grateful i found the 20sb community. i'm amazed at how it's grown and i continue to be inspired by everyone. i've found so many great blogs and made so many friends, in real life and online friends from this community

Jamie: it's just a great bunch of people!

Jamie: im officially the most boring interview ever haha

Lisa: No, totally not!

Lisa: Okay, I guess let's wrap up, though

Lisa: Congrats on being featured blogger!

Lisa: Thanks for your time, and enjoy Grey's!

Jamie: thank you lisa!


Ben said...

Dear Jamie,

You are adorable. But I already knew that. Lets kiss, okay?



Too far?

Mermanda said...

Best interview ever.

And Jamie? Why DON'T you wear underwear? Gosh.

Anonymous said...

That was so cute! I like this new feature. :)

Maxie said...


Your perfume smells like poo.


(your most awkward reader)

James said...

What a really cool idea.

So is it just for new featured bloggers, or past featured bloggers too. And if it includes past featured bloggers, how about past featured bloggers who no longer blog... because you know, I might know one who would be interested.

Vicky said...

Hey, great interview! I actually read the whole thing!

Kyla Bea said...

Too cute!

I'm glad we didn't end up talking about your new movie anyways ;)

And I nominate me as the most awkward person who reads Jamie's blog. For the record.

d said...

this is super cool. great idea!

Miss A said...

I love this! This is fabulous. Great work ladies.

Brian James said...

Jamie! Thanks for representing RoneBreak!