Sunday, September 21, 2008

Contests, Awards, Admin Positions

First and foremost, I'm really super sorry about the delay in the header contest. We've decided on the top 8, and the polls should be open this weekend or sometime coming up soon. I promise!

Second: the 20sb awards! Originally we had decided we'd have them every 8 months (a compromise between once and twice a year) which would mean that the 2nd award round would be this Sept/Oct. (It's a two month process, remember from last time?). If we want to have the awards in Sept, that's cool! The next steps (deciding on categories and the voting process) would start immediately and the winner would be announced by Halloween. OR, do we want to make it an annual thing and have the awards in January like last year.

Jan or Sept? Vote in the comments or feel free to email me an input! (lfarblog at

Third: This place is growing like mad. Spreading like a virus... a good virus. However, admin is having trouble keeping up with all the membership applications! So we're looking for more people to add to the admin team to help approve new members. Got some time on your hands? Let me know!

Love Love and more news coming soon,


Anonymous said...


brandy said...

I like the idea of September or October, but January would be fine too. Also, I'm not insanely computer savvy but can help with admin stuff. Just let me know what to do!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I think that once a year would be good for the 20sb awards.

Ashley D said...

January- once a year

Erin said...

I think January is good.

And if you need admin help, I think I could lend a hand!

Downbeat said...

January is fantastic!

raych said...

I think 20SB awards annually would be good.

Also, I'm always down to help.

Paula said...

Yeah probably January would be best.

I always seem to have far too much free time on my hands (which is probably the reason why I spend so much time blogging) so if you are still looking for help feel free to pop by and let me know.

ToughGirl101 said...

I vote for January.

Oh, and if you need someone to help out your admin, i'd be willing to help out! I'm a pro blogger so I spend almost all my time online anyway.