Monday, May 26, 2008

Casting Call

Current TV is casting bloggers!

Current TV is casting a show for young people (20s-30s) about love, sex, and relationships. An important element of the show will be webcam-style video blogs by a diverse group of people, talking about what’s going on in their lives. The show will provide a platform for talented young bloggers, artists, and performers to tell their stories in their own voices. Other elements of the show will include advice and feedback from well known experts, documentary segments on related topics, and more. Video bloggers will be compensated monthly for their regular contributions and will be able to hype their own blog/show/book/whatever before a wide audience.

Current TV is a cable news and culture channel in 50+ million homes across the US, UK, Ireland and Italy. All our programming is available on Current was founded with the goal of democratizing TV for young people— over a third of our content is created by viewers around the world. For more information please contact Kasia at kcieplak (at) currentmedia (dot) com. Check out Current TV at

[Ed Note: How do you feel about announcements like this being made on this blog?]

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