Saturday, June 6, 2009

Name This Blog!

So I need to call in some help on this one… We’ve been frantically busy building 20SB v.2 in the past couple of weeks and one of the new things that you’ll see on the new site, is that we’ll be splitting our current blog into two niche purposes.

The blog will continue to function as our main blog, and will remain a communication with current and potential members. This means that we’ll feature 20SB-related news. In addition, we will be adding content to the blog that relates to topics of interest to the people who use our network.

So if I had to define the scope of the 'new' blog, I’d include the following topics:

20SB News / Events / Announcements

Personal Blogging

Twenty-Somethings & their Digital Influence

Twenty-Something Issues

Community Building

Blog & Social Media Tips, Advice, Resources

I want to make it clear that we're not launching another "How To Blog" or "How to Make Money Online" content blog. I also want to point out that we're going to use it to give you guys another outlet as guest bloggers and editors.

One focus of 20SB has always been Personal Blogging...blogging without an ulterior motive. It seems all the Social Media and Blogging Blogs out their are trying to help you become a professional blogger. We're not going to go down that road...we want to promote personal blogging, and help/encourage new bloggers with a useful resource.

That resource is you guys.

So we are looking for a new name for the blog and would love your input. The name needs to be relevant to the 20SB brand, as the blog will reside on a subdomain of this network and prioritize the community as its audience. Keep that in mind!

Please head over here to give us your input!


Rob Anderson said...

you should blog about the blog you have for 20 something bloggers

Blogger said...

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